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App update release notes

Gallant Garlic – App Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

There are new updates in the Taia App!

Santa is Early This Year With a Basket Full of Updates

Improving the User Experience in the Taia Platform makes the clinet super happy! Just like this girl on the photo.

Funtastic Ficus Jr. – Improving the User Experience in the Taia Platform

funtastic ficus update

Funtastic Ficus – New updates to the Taia app

Software localization using Taia and Poeditor

Software localization using Poeditor and Taia Translations

Taia app has new updates

Major Taia app updates and Catapult introduction

Taia app update: Team management feature

Team Management in the Taia Platform: Manage your entire company’s localization projects easily

Updates in the Taia app

Extraordinary Eucalyptus release note – new app updates at Taia Translations

Taia app updates

New updates in the Taia app!