Gallant Garlic – App Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

App update release notes

With version 1.2.0 (or better known as Gallant Garlic) you’ll be able to enjoy many new features, alongside with UI improvements that will make your experience in our app even more enjoyable than before!

Read further to see what we did with this update and how it will make your time, using our app, more than worthwhile.

We know you will be most happy about...

New mobile designs for main screens.

Taia platform is now much more user-friendly on mobile devices. Most screens are fully redesigned to be responsive and available on any device size.

New file types supported.

Due to popular requests we are adding support for new file types, including Apple Office file types (pages, numbers, keynote), .zip, .md, and others. This means an upgrade from 64 file types to a whopping 72 different formats. Most if not all of these are delivered back to the user with the formatting preserved.

Various UI updates, including:

Improved project filtering and sorting options (see below), better file naming for finished Catapult projects, new options to delete draft projects and unarchive already archived projects.

Project Creation

Added additional file format support:

Apple office (pages, numbers, keynote); zip; md; jfif; sbv; vtt

Fixed Customize your translation package text typo
Added flag overrides for some languages and additional flags for others

Projects Overview

Added delete project option to project card quick options, you can now use this to remove created or draft projects
Added unarchive option to archived project card quick actions, which can be used to unarchive a project, provided it was in finished/self-service finished status before archiving
Added view my projects option to the projects filter
Added view my team projects option to the projects filter

Mobile-Friendly UI

Projects overview page
Create a new Project page
Order project page
User profile
Updated mobile navigation bar title

Company Overview

Removed the ability to invite an existing company owner into another company as a company owner
Removed the ability to delete a company's team, which has an active Catapult subscription assigned to it’s billing

User Profile

Fixed VAT ID validation for creating new company billing details

General Fixes

Added application release notes to the Support center page
Fixed various UI cosmetic bugs

Log In/Sign Up page

Added application release notes to the Support center page
Added general error screen for unhandled errors
Fixed various UI cosmetic bugs



When subscribing/updating a catapult package as a company manager, auto-assign itself to the subscription seat, but only if the company has just one company owner
Fixed Back to project button in Catapult app
Downloading project's translated file’s name now include source and target language in translated filename

Subscription Management Page

Added subscription management for billing managers and team managers
Added the ability to purchase additional packages for teams that do not have an active subscription from the subscription management page
Added the ability to swap an existing subscription package, package quantity, and package billing interval

Packages Overview Page

Removed the public Catapult packages page. The package overview is now only accessible to registered customers inside the Taia app platform.

Catapult Project Page

Added a confirmation modal when marking Catapult projects as finished
Job completion status for the finished Catapult project will now be displayed correctly
Improved downloaded translated file names
Give Taia a go and get your
translations quicker than ever before!
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