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Welcome to the heart of Taia Translations – where innovation meets empathy. 

Our dedicated team of language lovers and tech enthusiasts is committed to delivering not just translations, but bridges between cultures, with a personal touch that makes all the difference. 

Dive in and get to know the passionate individuals making your global outreach effortlessly seamless.

Matija Kovac


The Visionary Architect

Meet Matija, our CEO and the creative force behind our cutting-edge technology. With a mind that blends linguistic finesse with technological prowess, Matija is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in translation, ensuring Taia remains at the forefront of innovation. His leadership is guided by a vision where every voice is heard and understood, no matter where it comes from.

Anja is a our localization key account manager


The Client Champion

Anja, our key account manager, is the heart and soul behind our client relationships. With a passion for people and an unmatched dedication to service, she ensures that every client feels like part of the Taia family. Anja’s expertise and warmth make the journey of translation a personal and satisfying experience for all our partners.

Enej Ravbar


The Digital Alchemist

Enej, often described as the wizard when it comes to technology and customer satisfaction. His knack for solving complex problems with a smile and ensuring that our tech solutions are always in top shape makes him an invaluable asset. Enej’s versatility and dedication keep both our clients and our systems happily humming along.

Lena is a translator and localization project manager
karin pepelko
Valentina is a translator and localization project manager

Lena, Karin and Valentina

The Harmony Trio: Masters of Project Orchestration

Introducing our dynamic trio of project managers: Lena, Karin, and Valentina. These three are the orchestrators behind the scenes, meticulously managing every detail to ensure your projects are translated, formatted, and delivered with precision. Their collaboration with our global network of linguists and dedication to excellence make your global communication goals a reality.

Irena Krunic Stevanovic


The Versatile Virtuoso

Irena’s unique blend of skills in both translation and administration makes her the glue holding our operations together. Her ability to switch gears seamlessly and her commitment to excellence ensure that every aspect of Taia runs smoothly, supporting both our team and our clients in achieving unparalleled success.

Janik Bacic


The Language Artist

Janik, our in-house translator, is a master of words and a true artist at heart. His translations don’t just convey meanings; they breathe life into your content, capturing the essence and beauty of the original language. With Janik, your message is not just understood; it’s felt.

Taia's global network of translators

Global Family

Over 2000 Linguistic Experts

Spanning continents, cultures, and countless dialects, our global family of over 2000 linguists brings local expertise to your global ambitions. Together, we speak the language of the world.


Choosing Taia Translations means more than just getting your content translated; it means having a dedicated team of passionate professionals by your side, ready to go the extra mile to ensure your message resonates globally. With us, you’re not just another client; you’re a partner in a journey of international growth and understanding. Let’s bridge languages together.


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