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Taia Platform gives your business access to our specialized language service experts and the best translation features on the market, ensuring your translations are of the highest quality and making the translation process smooth, efficient and effortless.

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Most Popular Language Services and Platform Benefits

The Taia Platform gives you access to many features and advantages.


Complete Control

The Taia Platform gives you complete control over the translation and language services process. Easily select between language pairs, delivery dates, and levels of translation quality.

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Instant Quotes

The Taia platform is completely transparent and upfront about pricing. You select what you need, along with your preferred delivery date, and our system generates a quote almost instantaneously.

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Manage Projects and Teams

Assign tasks, manage teams, and oversee projects all in one place. Translation has never been easier.

Taia Quality Guarantee

Top-notch Service

Our friendly and responsive team is with you every step of the way – no matter the size of the project or the service you require.

Taia Quality Guarantee
Taia translations file handling and data protection


Security is our priority. As such, using Taia’s language services platform is completely secure thanks to our encrypted cloud solutions. 

Taia translations file handling and data protection
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World-class Language Experts

We ensure that you work with only the best language specialists. Our translators and linguists are experts both in the languages they translate and the industries they translate for.

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Taia translations instant quotation

Preserved Formatting

Original document formatting is preserved so far as possible, saving your team more time and effort.

Taia translations instant quotation
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Speed on Demand

Our platform removes 90% of email communication so we can get started on your project in no time.

Taia Translations offers subtitle translation
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High Level Quality Standards

The language services we provide are of the highest quality. That’s why we are proud to boast a 99.4% client satisfaction rate.

Pricing designed just for you!
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Our high-quality translations are consistently delivered on time.

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Top Features as Voted by Our Clients

Our clients appreciate the control the Taia translation platform gives them—whether it be the transparent pricing structure which helps control the budget, or the team and user management features which keep all project stakeholders on the same page and ensure projects are delivered within the deadline.

Top Features

Upfront Pricing
Collaborative Support
Team and User Management
Translation Memory
Machine Translation
Streamlined Processes

These Features Have Helped Our Clients the Most

Translation Memory

 A technology that remembers your previous translations and stores them within your private database. The more you translate, the more accurate the suggestions are.

Easy-to-use Interface

The platform is easy to use and is easy to understand! No unnecessary clicks. Everything is accessible at your fingertips.

Keeps the Same Format

You can upload your document in one of the 70+ file types and download it in the same formatting. Speeding up the translation process.

How to Get Started

Login or register on the Taia platform and get your translations done quickly, simply and accurately.

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Number 1

Sign up for a free account

and get instant access to translation and language services.

Number 2

Drag and drop your files

over 70 different supported file types.

Number 3

Select your langauges

more than 100 supported languages and local variants.

Number 4

Choose the preferred quality

select between AI-only and multiple levels of professional human localization experts.

Number 5

Pick desired delivery time

you can monitor the progress and download fully translated files in the same formatting once they're done.

Book a free demo now and find out what package suits your needs best.

“The Taia platform is easy to use,
and you get an instant quotation for your translation project.
Besides the cost, you instantly know when to expect the translation to be done.
You can even accommodate the delivery time to your needs.
They have a wide range of translation services from which you can choose.”

Metka Blazic @Unior Special Machines

Platform Language Services

We offer a range of translation, localization and language services across multiple industries.


We translate legal documents, websites, software and other content quickly and effortlessly.


Our content localization experts translate and adjust your content to make it relevant for your target audience.

Machine Translation

By using Taia’s machine translation, you get entire documents translated in just a few seconds.


We double-check the grammar, punctuation, and style of your translations. This is a crucial step for any public-facing content.


We help you make your video content accessible to whatever market you need with our subtitle translation solutions.


We offer live and remote interpreting services. Our skilled native speakers are available to interpret on the spot.


We use creativity and cultural knowledge to translate and write content that resonates with a target audience. This is beyond translation and localization.


We transcribe your audio or video content the way you prefer, ensuring you get the best results.

Some of the Industries Taia Specializes In

Tech and Software Companies



Gaming and Entertainment

Marketing and Content Generation Teams

Which languages does Taia work with?

Taia’s professional translation services encompass 97 languages. Our platform connects you with over 2,000 professional translators and language-industry experts.

Most Popular Translation Language Pairs

Simple and Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or surprises.

Why Choose Taia as your Preferred Language Service Provider?

Janik, Alenka and Robert from Taia

Taia is passionate about helping businesses scale, “grow” globally, and communicate with the world—doing so one translation and language service at a time.

The Taia Platform uses AI technology and human experts to perfect translation, making it the best innovative localization platform for businesses wanting to translate quickly and accurately.

Janik, Alenka and Robert from Taia

Ready To Revolutionize How You Translate?

Get started by registering for free. You’ll be ready to translate in no time. If you need any guidance or an overview of the Taia platform, feel free to book a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should always make use of a professional translation and language service provider when you are doing more than a quick search for a word or phrase in another language. There are many quick translation tools out there, but not all of them can produce accurate and reliable translations.

Taia combines the best of both worlds—the reliability and expertise of a translation agency with the affordability and almost instant response time of an online translation solution. We work with expert linguists, seasoned managers, and talented interpreters who all have first-hand experience working in language translation services, proofreading, interpreting, and localization—not to mention a range of business fields such as marketing, law, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, and software development.

Our qualified language experts include native certified translators who will make sure your translations are both accurate and authentic.

You can select from a variety of language translation services, depending on the type of content and what you want to do with it. Our team is always here to guide you through the process. We help you decide which professional service you might require—translation, localization, interpreting, transcreation, etc.—to achieve maximum suitability.

It’s also important that you decide upfront the level of quality you need. You could opt for Machine Translation, Standard Translation, Translation with Revision, or Translation with Revision and additional Proofreading.

The quality of the translation you need will depend mainly on the type of content, its purpose, your budget, and your expectations.

Machine Translation (MT) is suitable for simple texts and is used to better understand the text. It is not used for content which the wider public will see. Machine translation simply takes your original text and translates it into the language you choose using AI technology.

Standard Translation is suitable for content and documents that you want to translate accurately and word-for-word (product descriptions, manuals). A translator takes your document or content and translates it to your selected target language or languages. This translator will be an expert in the language pairs and the industry.

Translation with Revision is suitable for documents intended for publications (websites, marketing content, etc.). Once the professional language expert translates the content, an editor double-checks it and ensures that the text is as close to the original as possible.

Translation with Revision and Proofreading is suitable for all materials. Once your content has been translated and reviewed by an editor, a native-industry expert proofreads it, ensuring there are no mistakes and adjusting styles or content as needed.

Standard translation is changing a message into one or multiple languages, all while keeping the original meaning intact (i.e. word-for-word translation). The difference between translation and localization is that localization requires a “special touch”. The content is translated but also adapted to a specific language or region so that it is culturally relevant and resonates with the audience. This is particularly important for marketing materials.

As a modern and high-tech translation platform, we support 70+ file types, and we keep adding over time. At the same time, for the most part, we make sure to keep the same format and file type that you send us and allow you to monitor the progress in real-time.

File types we support:

  • OFFICE: .doc, .dot, .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, .rtf, .odt, .ott, .txt, .xls, .xlt, .xlsm, .xltx, .xlsx, .xltm, .ods, .ots, .tsv, .ppt, .pps, .pot, .pptx, .pptm, .ppsx, .ppsm, .potx, .potm, .odp, .otp .zip; .md; .jfif; .sbv; .vtt; Apple Office
  • LOCALIZATION: .htm, .html, .xhtml. .dtd, .json, .yaml, .yml, .xliff, .sdlxliff, .tmx, .ttx, .xlf, .mif, .properties, .resx, .xml. .sxml, .txml, .dita, .strings, .srt, .wix, .po, .g, .ts
  • IMAGE: .bmp, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff
  • GRAPHIC: .pdf, .idml, .icml

You can translate or localize almost all content types: websites, marketing material, advertising copy, legal documents, scientific texts, tourism and hospitality content, product specifications and descriptions, technical and software-based texts, e-commerce, business, finance, pharmaceutical, medical, and real-estate content.

The list goes on…

Taia’s professional language services are certified, qualified, and provide quality assurance. We are happy to have obtained our ISO 17100:2015 Standardized Translation Certification, which additionally guarantees that our practice is best practice.

ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resources, and the quality of service. It also outlines the best practices for translation companies so that communication between clients and the translator always runs smoothly and allows tasks to be completed as quickly as possible.
All our qualified translators and language experts have a certificate of competence and five years of documented professional experience. All translators and revisers have specific knowledge of the field of the texts they translate.

Taia pledges to protect your data with integrity and comply with all required measures.

AI translation is continuing to improve year by year. Recently, it has become an indispensable part of the translation process and the output of AI translation tools is getting more accurate. However, we still believe humans play an important role—AI translation tools cannot recognize context, cultural specifics, or human style yet. As such, AI and machine translation are there simply to speed up the translation process.

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