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Do You Need Expert Financial Translation Services?

Taia offers expert financial translations in 97 languages, for 72 file formats, and at 3 times the speed of other conventional platforms.

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Interested in Translating or Localizing Your Financial Documents with a Provider You Can Trust?

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The finance industry – including the banking, insurance and accounting sectors – need translations that are:

  • accurate
  • in line with regulatory requirements; and
  • relevant to the audience in question (including all shareholders and stakeholders).

Not to mention, fast turnaround times and quick sign-offs are a must.

Dedicated project manager for quick contact

How We Can Help You

Taia’s translation and localization solutions can help solve some of the biggest translation issues you’ve faced in the past. Taia offers you a solution so that:

All projects in one place
All projects in one place

You Can Save on Time and Costs, All While Increasing Your Productivity

Save time and have your executive and project team on one platform, running projects all in one place. With Taia’s platform, long turnaround times and back-and-forth emails (or worse, printed hard copies with scribbles on) are a thing of the past. Everyone can have an overview of what’s going on with Taia.

Picking a suitable deadline on the Taia platform

You Are In-Line With the Strict Financial Regulations You Operate Under

Ensuring you remain compliant, no matter what financial document you translate, is non-negotiable. But the process does not have to be painful. At Taia, we are specialists when it comes to this! We can translate high-volume and highly-specialized content quickly and accurately.

Tailor-made translation options
Network of the best translators
Network of the best translators

You Have Specialists in the Financial Industry on Standby to Assist

Taia has market-specific translation specialists, ensuring your translations are accurate, fast and industry-specific. Whether you need shareholder reports, press releases, insurance documents or prospectuses translated – Taia has you covered.

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You Can Do More With Less Effort Using a Platform That Streamlines the Translation Process

Taia offers smart solutions so that you can focus on what’s important to you. The interface is user-friendly, which means your team does not have to spend hours getting to grips with the platform. What’s more, all your projects are available in one space – efficient and streamlined… just the way you like it.

Easy ordering process

Ready to Streamline Your Translation Processes?

Find out how simple translation and localization can be.

We are very pleased with our decision to go with Taia’s translation agency. First of all, they offer a good ratio between quality and price, and they are also willing to go that extra mile for the same price. We cooperated really well with their project manager; she was very proactive and ready for all our additional requirements so that we were able to quickly resolve all the issues and potential problems. They really did a good job!

Eva Primožič, Head of finance @Invented4

How Does Taia Help the Financial Industry?

Taia is a company on a mission to change the world, one business and sector at a time.

It is our passion to watch your business or sector grow with smart AI-Assisted Translation Solutions.

FinTech translations
  • Self-translate your documents 3X faster or simply outsource it to our team of highly-skilled professional translators.
  • No-back-and-forth emails or time wasting. Your executive and project team will be on one platform, allowing you to keep an eye on deadlines, costs and project statuses.
  • Taia offers full-time support and guidance. Our project management team are on standby should you need assistance.
  • We support 97 languages and 72 file types, making translation and localization a cinch.
  • We pride ourselves on saving companies money on translation costs.
FinTech translations

Allow Us to Take the Pain Out of Your Translation and Localization Projects.

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Just Some of the Translation and Localization Projects Taia Can Assist You With:

Financial statements
Financial contracts
Fintech localization
SEC filing documents
Insurance documents
Shareholder reports
Marketing and sales materials
Tax reports
Tender letters
News and articles
Website content
Regulatory documentation
Annual reports and proxy statements
Compliance reports
Audit reports

Let Us Discuss Your Translation and Localization Needs.