10 steps to optimize your translation process, #5 will surprise you!

Putting important things on the checklist

Today’s fast-moving world is all about optimisation. And it’s no different when it comes to your translation and localization processes.

Download for free our 10-point checklist, so you can see for yourself if your translation process is fully optimised. 

We’ve created a simple, yet effective checklist that will help you optimise your translation process to the maximum. This file will provide you with 10 essentials for an optimised translation process.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

Download our 10-point checklist for free and see if your translation process is fully optimised.

In case some boxes are left unchecked and need a little bit of help with the optimisation of your processes, we’ll gladly help you with that! Just follow the link at the bottom of the file, secure a FREE 30-minute consultation call and let our localization experts help you optimise your process to perfection!

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Frequently asked questions

The translation process starts with you ordering the project. Different language service providers have a different approach to the ordering process.

Find a language service provider that puts efficiency and the safety of your documents first. Avoid old-fashioned ways of ordering, as it is time-consuming and can sometimes even put the security of your documents in danger.

For more guidelines on why it’s important to entrust your translation needs to a modern language service provider download our free 10-point checklist.

How fast translators translate documents depends on the process they adapted. Translators that work with the help of the latest translation technology can deliver translations faster than those who don’t.

Translation technologies, such as NMT (neural machine translation) and TM (translation memory), are here to help the process to be optimised to the fullest, which doesn’t affect the quality of the end product at all.

The speed of the translation also depends on the service you pick. If choosing machine translation with light review, where the translator just runs over the translation and corrects the most obvious mistakes, will be done faster than a translation with additional proofreading and/or revision.

So, to get the fastest translation (no matter the service) you, as a customer, have to be prepared too, and make sure you follow all 10 steps that we prepared in our checklist (you can download it for free, if you scroll up a bit).

Language services prices normally depend on how the languages service provider sets them. The prices differ from one provider to another. Find yourself a provider that swears by the latest translation technology, as it means that their processes are optimised, which leads to optimised prices.

But there are also a few things you, as a customer can do, before you finalise that order. Make sure to send finalised documents and always give in-depth pointers to your translators. Read more about what you can do to avoid additional costs during the translation process by downloading our free 10-point checklist!

If you want to receive high-quality translations, you have to be aware of the necessary steps during this process.

When ordering a translation you have to define the following information:

  • The level of quality your document requires
  • The translation service you need
  • Which language combination(s) you’d like to translate into / from
  • Knowing the approximate time-frame
  • Adding in-depth comments about your requirements


After that, it’s in the hands of your selected language service provider. Make sure to entrust your translations to a provider that is embracing the latest translation technologies and optimising their internal processes. See all the important advantages of a modern language service provider in our 10-point checklist that you can download for free!

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