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At Taia, we blend cutting-edge technology with expert human insight to bring you fast, accurate, and efficient translation solutions. Our platform is designed to simplify your translation process, offering a suite of features that cater to all your localization needs. Let’s explore how we can transform your translation experience.

  • AI-assisted technology helps us deliver unparalleled speed, reliability, and cost efficiency in global communication.
  • Benefit from a global network of professional linguists, meticulously selected to ensure you receive nothing but superior quality services.
  • Experience the power of adaptive learning technology that learns from each project, enhancing machine translation quality for linguists while offering significant savings and improved accuracy for you.
Taia translation services

Take control of your localization process

Instant Quotes, Infinite Possibilities:

Begin your translation journey with just a few clicks. 🚀 Upload your content, choose your languages, and let our system provide you with an instant, transparent quote. 

Our platform supports over 70 file types, ensuring your documents return in their original format -and preserving formatting, saving you time and hassle.


Your project - your choice:

Choose from a variety of translation services, from AI-driven speed to human-crafted perfection.

Our flexible options allow you to balance quality and budget, ensuring your project aligns with your vision.

Get an instant quote at any time.

Easy to use, yet powerful enough for teams of all sizes

Intuitive Dashboard for Effortless Management:

Manage your localization projects easily with Taia’s intuitive project dashboard, allowing you to monitor the progress in real-time. 

Create teams, unique billing details and an unlimited number of users, with no additional cost, ensuring scalability and flexibility for businesses of any size.

Unmatched Quality and Personalized Support:

Every business user benefits from a dedicated project manager, an expert in language and your main contact. They ensure your projects are consistent, leveraging custom glossaries and translation memories to enhance quality.

This ensures exceptional and friendly human support for all of your translation projects.

As an ISO 17100 certified company, we commit to the highest standards of translation quality. Our rigorous quality control process meticulously examines each project for syntax accuracy, formatting integrity, and fidelity to the original document.

This comprehensive approach guarantees superior translation quality, with the option for a complimentary linguistic revision if expectations are not met, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Flexible and Powerful Localization Tools

Catapult your Translations

Dive into DIY translations with Catapult, our AI-assisted tool designed for those who prefer to take charge. It pre-translates content, learning from your previous projects to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Dashboard of the self-translating tool Catapult from Taia platform.
Taia Translations API integration

Seamless Integrations

Taia seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, offering a robust API and compatibility with various systems like Jira and Google Drive.

We even help build custom integration that fit your workflow, whatever it might be.

Only pay for what you use

Free from the constraints of upfront costs, packages, or binding contracts, our platform empowers you to manage your global communication needs with ease and efficiency. 

Experience the freedom of choosing exactly the services you need, when you need them, ensuring your investments are always aligned with your current requirements.

With Taia, you gain access to premium translation services on your terms, making every project a reflection of your specific needs and budget.


Get instant quote for your translation demands!
Secure translation process

Safety First

Security and intellectual property protection are paramount at Taia.io.

Every piece of content is securely processed and stored, ensuring confidentiality and integrity from start to finish. The platform is built with the highest standards of security, so clients can have peace of mind knowing their intellectual property rights are rigorously protected.

Ownership remains unequivocally with the client, affirming a commitment to safeguarding your content and rights with utmost respect and care.

Ready to Transform Your Translation Experience?

Explore how Taia.io can streamline your localization process, reduce costs, and ensure the highest quality translations. Start your journey with us today and see the difference firsthand.

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