We Offer Translation Services in 97 Languages Across Multiple Industries

We guarantee delivering accurate, reliable, and cost-effective translations. Taia is a growing, reliable, and ISO-certified translation platform and service provider. We provide multiple professional language solutions for businesses globally.

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Professional Translation and Language Services

96+ Languages

With a growing community of native translators, our portfolio of languages is always expanding.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is our number one priority. We aim to exceed your expectations with every translation delivered for your business.

600+ Translators

Our translators are not just experienced linguists and native speakers, but are also experts in the industries they translate for.

“Our experience with Taia is excellent. We love that you always listen to us, respect our wishes and that you are available to us when we are in a hurry. We are most pleased to finally work with a precise and consistent partner who, even in the case of demanding vocabulary, always delivers quality translations … ”

Ina Zupanc, from Salonit Anhovo 

Supported Languages

We help your business translate in more than 96 languages. We support translation in all the language combinations listed below.

188 south africa Afrikaans
145 albania Albanian
195 united arab emirates Arabic
141 armenia Armenian
152 belarus Belarusian
149 bosnia and herzegovina Bosnian
127 bulgaria Bulgarian
235 myanmar Burmese
230 spain Catalan
011 china Chinese simplified
011 china Chinese traditional
128 croatia Croatian
202 czech republic Czech
191 denmark Danish
077 netherlands Dutch
143 australia English Australia
066 canada English Canada
110 united kingdom English UK
186 united states English US
004 estonia Estonian
187 philippines Filipino
211 finland Finnish
209 belgium Flemish
197 france French
209 belgium French Belgium
066 canada French Canada
176 switzerland French Swiss
005 georgia Georgian
208 germany German
072 austria German Austria
176 switzerland German Switzerland
192 greece Greek
239 hawaii Hawaiian
203 israel Hebrew
055 india Hindi
210 hungary Hungarian
222 iceland Icelandic
185 indonesia Indonesian
263 italy Italian
176 switzerland Italian Switzerland
241 japan Japanese
229 kazakhstan Kazakh
130 cambodia Khmer
226 north korea Korean
Kurdish Kurmanji
Kurdish Sorani
053 kyrgyzstan kyrgyz
194 laos Lao
231 latvia Latvian
238 lithuania Lithuanian
240 Luxembourgish
038 republic of macedonia Macedonian
008 madagascar Malagasy
207 malaysia Malay
251 malta Maltese
215 new zealand Maori
010 mongolia Mongolian
031 montenegro Montenegrin
012 nepal Nepali
205 norway Norwegian Bokmål
197 france Occitan
230 spain Occitan Aran
200 iran Persian
165 poland Polish
098 portugal Portuguese
022 brazil Portuguese Brazil
055 india Punjabi
213 romania Romanian
044 russia Russian
228 serbia Serbian Cyrillic
228 serbia Serbian Latin
023 sri lanka Sinhala
218 slovakia Slovak
259 slovenia Slovenian
063 somalia Somali
230 spain Spanish L. America
230 spain Spanish Spain
186 united states Spanish USA
185 indonesia Sundanese
234 kenya Swahili
190 sweden Swedish
154 turkey Syriac
187 philippines Tagalog
025 tajikistan Tajik
055 india Tamil
055 india Telugu
088 thailand Thai
154 turkey Turkish
069 turkmenistan Turkmen
198 ukraine Ukranian
232 pakistan Urdu
041 uzbekistan Uzbek
109 vietnam Vietnamese
110 united kingdom Welsh
188 south africa Xhosa
188 south africa Zulu
253 nigeria Hausa
253 nigeria Igbo
030 moldova Moldovan
253 nigeria Yoruba
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Meet Our Translators

We have a broad network of our own internal translators as well as freelance translators. Both internal and freelance translators are highly experienced linguists with an in-depth understanding of the translation requirements of various industries. Therefore, every project will be handled by a translator that is a perfect fit for your requirements.

Quality translation is our top priority. This is why our translators have a minimum of 5 years of experience, formal qualifications from a relevant educational institution, and a deep understanding of the industry they will be translating in. This is why we have created a very rigid and thorough onboarding process, where we test their skills and onboard only the top candidates.

Janik Bacic

Janik Bačič

Fluent in: English, German, Russian
With more than 10 years of professional experience in translating, Janik covers a wide spectrum of translation fields and is known for his adaptability. He has a BA in translation, focused on translation across German, English, and Slovene. As an active blogger and writer, he shares his love for languages even when out of the office, always finding opportunities to put his thoughts on paper.
Myles Henehan PM intern

Myles Henehan

Fluent in: English, Spanish, French

Myles has a BA in Modern Languages and Translation and is currently finishing his MSc in Translation Technology. Before joining Taia, Myles worked as a freelance translator and proofreader, specializing in legal and marketing content. An avid language learner, he is always looking to add new languages to his repertoire and is now learning Turkish and Slovenian language.
Deja Hrovatin

Deja Hrovatin

Fluent in: English, Italian, Spanish
Deja is an experienced translator and vendor manager at Taia. She holds an MA in translation studies and is focused on translating the Slovene, English, and Italian languages. Before joining Taia, she gained valuable experience working as a language teacher, as a marketing assistant for the biggest media house in Slovenia, and as a translator for Datalab and various other agencies.

Translation Quality Guaranteed

We are certified with ISO 9010:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, meaning that since only the best translators will be assigned to your projects, you can expect nothing but the best from us!

Flexibility at its finest

No matter the size of your company, we will find a perfect solution to adapt to your processes.

ISO 9001:2015

Through ISO 9001, we demonstrate our ability to consistently deliver products and services that always meet customer requirements.

Quality guaranteed

Never in question, as attested by user feedback and ISO certificates.

Powerful resources

We translate everything in 97 languages from punchy one-liners to historical novels without any compromises regarding quality.

ISO 17100:2015 defines the criteria and good practices for all aspects of the translation process that are directly related to the quality and delivery of translation services, proving our commitment to delivering the highest quality translations only..
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Why Choose Taia as Your Next Translation Partner?

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Successful track record for different industries

What works for a car manufacturer trying to reach new markets will not work for a legal office trying to translate highly classified documents.

Our onboarding process emphasizes the in-depth knowledge of the translator in the industry for which they translate , just as much as the language skills they have to offer. We will provide you with the translator that has the best in-depth knowledge of your industry and the most suitable skills in the language pair you wish to translate.
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Flexible translation projects

We offer you complete flexibility when it comes to your translation requirements. Sometimes the translation has to be done at lightning speed, other times you need something translated just for internal communications. Sometimes you are creating a marketing campaign on a different continent and other times you are translating legal documents that need to be translated with 100% accuracy.

This is why we let you choose the speed and quality of your translation, completely tailoring our services to your needs.
Taia translations global
Improve your results with Taia

The translation process is now easier than ever

In the modern world, speed determines the winner. The faster and more agile you are, the better you will be. This is why we have incorporated an easy-to-use PM dashboard in our platform that will help you and your team maintain and monitor a constant overview of the translation process and the price.

With our easy-to-follow project progression tracking, price projections and quality measures, you will receive your projects on time, without worrying about any hidden costs.

Improve your results with Taia

In our company, due to the dynamics of work, we often need fast translation services. Taia has always arranged affordable translations of documents as well as court translations quickly, with high quality. 

Urška Stresen, Business Assistant from MDM d.o.o.

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