We deliver on time, every time.

Select Your Translation Delivery Dates With Ease

The Taia platform enables you to select the delivery date that meets your translation project timeline. Once you select it, we guarantee to meet it. Never miss another deadline again.

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“Responsiveness and professionalism are our top priorities. We often need a translation within a very short turnaround time, which is something that this provider definitely delivers. The platform is very simple to use and it tells you immediately when your translation project will be done. The deadlines are always respected.”

Tina Debelak, Sales and Marketing @Kovis-Livarna d.o.o.

Custom Delivery Time of Translations

Stay on top of your translation projects with clear delivery date selection, project status tracking and innovative AI-translation technology.

Deadline selector in the Taia app
Deadline selector in the Taia app

Clear Deadlines

We deliver on time 99% of the time.

The Taia platform makes meeting your deadlines easy. You simply select the delivery date that suits your project, and we guarantee to meet your deadline.

Project process tracker in the Taia app


No available delivery dates, no problem.

We offer clients flexibility when it comes to deadlines and other features, meaning you select what you need and when you need it by. If you have a deadline that isn’t available, get in touch with our Project Management team. They will do their best to accommodate your business.

Project process tracker in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app

Improved productivity

Seamless planning and execution.

Having the power to select and see your delivery time upfront helps you plan better and be more productive – no back and forth emails comparing prices and negotiating deadlines.

Monitor projects in the Taia app

Transparent Pricing

Upfront price disclosure.

The Taia Platform is extremely transparent when it comes to pricing. The quicker you need the project, the pricier the delivery date becomes. Standard-delivery time is free of charge.

Monitor projects in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app

Track Your Projects

Detailed progress overview of all project stages.

The Taia platform gives you an overview of the project status. Log on at any time from any device and track the completion status of your project.

The Taia Platform Offers Optimal Support and Guarantees the Best Delivery Times

Taia is completely customer-focused. Our Project Management team is always on standby for assistance with your delivery dates or to answer any questions you may have.

Once you select a delivery date on the platform, we can guarantee on-time delivery every time with the quality you selected.

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Other Helpful Features

Translation Quality Level

Select the type of translation you need and the quality level suitable for the project.

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Language Services

The Taia platform offers a range of language services, making the translation process a cinch.

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Team Management

Manage which projects are assigned to your internal teams and stay up-to-date with the project status.

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In case we haven't covered it all...

There are several factors that impact the speed at which you will get your translated content back. The higher the translation quality, the more time will be required since more resources are required. The Taia Platform also gives you the option to have your content translated as soon as possible. However, the tighter the deadline, the more it will impact your budget.

Nonetheless, Taia commits to getting your translation back to you as quickly as possible, at the quality you decide you require. If you have a special project with a tight deadline, speak to Taia’s Project Management team. We try our best to accommodate our clients where possible.

You can easily select your delivery time on the Taia Platform. Once a free account has been created, all a business has to do is upload their content, select the language pairs and quality level, and the delivery dates will pop-up on the screen. The business then selects the date that is appropriate for their deadline and budget.

At Taia, we do our best to go above and beyond for our clients. If you have a specific project and a delivery date is not available, get in touch with our Project Management team and they will try their best to accommodate you. However, we don’t ever compromise on quality and will be upfront if we cannot honor a deadline.

Same-Day and Next-Day delivery are available for certain texts and may come at an additional cost as indicated on the Taia platform. Word limits may also apply, especially with the higher translation quality levels since more resources and experts are included in the process. Learn more about translation quality.

The Taia Platform is very intuitive and gives businesses control over the translation process.

Nonetheless, we value customer service and support as well. If you are not certain which level of translation quality is appropriate for your needs or what package would cover all the features you need, our team is always ready and on standby to assist or advise.