Every project has a different purpose.

Choose the Translation Quality You Need for Every Project

With the Taia Platform, you can select how many resources we assign to your project, ensuring you get the quality you require, all within your budget.

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“We are very pleased with our decision to go with the Taia translation agency. First of all, they offer a good ratio between quality and price, and they are also willing to go that extra mile for the same price. They really did a good job!”

Eva Primožič, Head of Finance @Invented4

Simplified Translation Quality Selection

The Taia Platform offers you the translation quality level you need within the timeframe you require, giving you the ultimate control.

Deadline selector in the Taia app
Deadline selector in the Taia app


Choose between five different translation services.

Each project is unique and the same goes for its purpose. The Taia platform is completely adaptable to your needs, so you can select the best translation quality for one project and then choose Machine Translation for the next

Project process tracker in the Taia app

Instant Service Selection

Separate service selection for each language pair.

If you are translating into multiple languages, you can select a level of translation quality for each one separately, getting an overview of the cost implications straightaway

Project process tracker in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app

Transparent Pricing

Stay on top of your costs!

The Taia platform is upfront about pricing, and the price is adapted instantly to your service selection

Monitor projects in the Taia app

Pay Less Over Time

The more you translate the less you pay.

No matter what quality you select on our platform, the more you translate with us, the less it costs over time, thanks to the power of Translation Memory.

Monitor projects in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app

Excellent Support

We are there for you, always!

Our team of dedicated Project Managers are always on standby if you have any burning questions or need any guidance on service selection. We also provide an additional comment section when placing an order on the platform, so you can let our team know of any extra requests or notes

Select the service level you need for your translation.

Taia makes the translation quality selection process easy for businesses. Starting with basic Machine Translation all the way to Translation with Revision and Additional Proofreading. Choose between our four service levels to find the one that suits your needs, timeframe and budget.

Learn more about the translation quality selection here.

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Other Helpful Features

Delivery Date Selection

Increase your productivity and never miss a deadline again with our delivery date feature.

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Language Services

The Taia platform offers a range of language services, making the translation process a cinch.

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Team Management

Manage which projects are assigned to your internal teams and stay up-to-date with the project status.

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In case we haven't covered it all...

Translation with Revision and Additional Proofreading is the ultimate translation solution. It is suitable for all documents and content intended for the wider public, e.g., literature, theses, articles, marketing content, and financial and investor reports.

Once your documents/content have been translated and reviewed by an editor, a highly-skilled, professional, native linguist proofreads it. This ensures that the entire document is error-free and that any stylistic elements are revised if required.

This is the ultimate translation solution, but it is the most labor intensive. This means it is at the higher-end pricing-wise, but the quality level is superb, which ultimately makes this the recommended business translation solution.

Translation with Revision is ideal for documents / content that are intended for publication. This includes websites, marketing materials and annual reports.

Once Taia’s language service professional translates your document into the selected target language, an editor double-checks and revises the content. This is to ensure the translation is as close to the original as possible.

Due to Translation with Revision requiring more experts and resources, the pricing ranges from the medium to higher end of the spectrum.

Standard translation is suitable for all content and documents that need to be translated accurately. This includes the translation of product descriptions, user manuals, blogs and legal documents.

Taia’s professional language service experts translate business content into their selected target language or languages. These translators are not only experts in the selected language pairs but are also familiar with the specific industry they are translating for.

Taia translators make use of AI technology, accelerating the translation process and significantly reducing translation costs.

Basic Translation is mid-range in terms of cost and resources required.

Machine Translation is suitable for simple texts or if you need a better understanding. It is also a great tool for professional translators to translate large volumes of text quickly before giving it a thorough review.

Machine Translation on the Taia Platform is simple. Businesses upload their content, set the original and target languages and allow the AI-assisted technology to translate their content within seconds.

Machine Translation is the most cost-effective and quick solution, and is a great translation tool for professional translators to use. However, Machine Translation is not a suitable option for businesses to use without an expert review.

We understand that finding the right balance between translation quality and delivery speed all within your budget can be hard. That’s why Taia offers a variety of translation quality levels for you to choose from, depending on the type of text you need to have translated and who your intended audience is.

For any public facing documents or content, we recommend Translation with Revision or Translation with Revision and Additional Proofreading. For internal documents or emails, you can consider Standard Translation. And if you need to understand the gist of a document or need to translate a simple text, your business can consider Machine Translation.

If you are not sure what would best suit your needs, feel free to get in touch with our team. They can guide you through packages, quality selection and any translation questions you may have.

There are several factors that impact the speed you will get your translated content back. The higher the translation quality, the more time will be required as more resources are required. The Taia Platform also gives you the option to have your content translated as soon as possible, but the tighter the deadline, the more it will impact your budget.

Nonetheless, Taia commits to getting your translation back to you as quickly as possible, at the quality you decide you require. If you have a special project with a tight deadline, speak to Taia’s Project Management team. We try our best to accommodate our clients where possible.

Selecting your translation quality is as simple as signing into the platform, uploading your content, and selecting the quality you need for that specific project. You can select from Machine Translation, Standard Translation, Translation with Revision, and Translation with Revision and Additional Proofreading.

For any public facing documents, we don’t recommend selecting anything less than Standard Translation. Other than our recommendation, all you need to do is create a free account, sign in and select with a click of a button.

The Taia Platform is extra intuitive and gives businesses control over the translation process, but we value customer service and support dearly. If you are not certain what translation quality is appropriate for your needs or what package would cover all the features you need, our team is always ready and on standby to assist or advise.

The Taia Platform has the ISO 17100:2015, ISO Standardized Translation Certification, which we obtained in 2020.

ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resources, and the quality of service. It also outlines the best practices for translation companies in order for them to ensure communication between clients and the translator for all completed tasks.