Professional German Translation Services

Get high quality professional German translation services at a lower cost. We’ll find the most suitable and efficient solution for all your German translation needs.

Professional German Translation Services
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Translate Documents from English to German Faster, Easier and all by Yourself!

Catapult is a modern online translation app that helps you to translate your documents up to 3-times faster.

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Taia translation platform - the future of translation

Translate Documents from English to German and German to English easier than ever before

Taia is a modern online translation solution that takes care of all your translation needs.

Ordering localization services has never been simpler. With our fast and super-intuitive translation platform, you are always in control.


Meet Our German Translators

We have a broad network of German translators, comprising both our own internal translators and freelancers that we work with. Both internal and freelance translators are highly experienced linguists with an in-depth understanding of the translation requirements of various industries. Therefore, every project will be handled by a translator that is a perfect fit for your needs.

Quality translation is our top priority. This is why our German translators have a minimum of 5 years of experience, formal qualifications from a relevant educational institution and a deep understanding of the industry that they will be translating in. This is why we have created a very rigid and thorough onboarding process, where we test their skills and onboard only the top candidates.
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English to German & German to English Translation Services

You can select from a variety of language translation services, depending on the type of content and what you want to do with it. Our team is always here to guide you through the process and help you decide which professional service you might require – translation, localization, interpreting, written or spoken adaptation, etc. – in order to achieve maximum suitability.

German document translation

German legal translation

German website translation

German software/app translation

German marketing copy, advertisements and social media content

German subtitle translation

We’ve been working with TAIA for many years now. During this time we established a very pleasant business relationship. We can describe their work as fast, reliable, very professional, and high quality. They listen to their customers’ needs and always deliver as expected.

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About the German Language

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German is one of the 10 most popular languages in the world.
More than 120 million people speak German across Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and portions of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France. It is an important language in the European Union as well as in the emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe.

It is a well-known fact that German is a complex language, hence translating from English to German is not an easy task. For example, nouns in German are gendered, unlike in English.
Sentence structure also differs between the two languages, with German having considerably stricter word order and grammatical standards than English.

Because of the complexity and specifics of the language, translating a document in German is rarely enough to make it appealing to the typical German reader. Translators have to take into consideration the cultural aspects and high-quality standards expected by Germans.

If you want to enter the German-speaking market successfully, it is of the utmost importance that your translated content reads as if it was written by a native German speaker.

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Fun Facts About German Language

  • In the world’s largest and strongest economic area, the European Union, German is by far the language with the most native speakers.
  • The German language has three genders.
  • With almost 15 million language learners worldwide, German is the third most commonly taught language, right after Spanish and French.
  • 80 of the 100 most common words in English have Germanic origin. These fundamental, commonly used terms in English and German are derived from the same roots, making them all quite similar.
  • In the German language, nouns are capitalized.
  • German uses the Latin alphabet but has an additional letter: the ß, called “Eszett”.

Quality Guarantee

ISO 171000 Certification
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ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resources and the quality of service. It also outlines the best practices for translation companies to ensure communication between clients and the translator for all completed tasks.


ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”), which defines a framework of effective work processes to be established within a company. As well as demonstrating continuous improvement, it illustrates a company’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of its customers, as well as complying with regulatory requirements.

Find out more about ISO quality standard.

ISO 171000 Certification
ISO 9001 certification red


My name is Alenka and I can help you find the most suitable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for all your German translation needs.

If you have any questions feel free to email me. I will be more than happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions

There are many ways to translate your pdf to German.

  • By yourself: Using free translation tools such as Google Translate, or by taking advantage of some of the CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools that are available such as Catapult or MemoQ. Be aware that using Google translate may be very time-consuming, since you must copy/paste paragraphs from the document to the tool and vice versa. On the other hand, using CAT tools is much more efficient and convenient.
  • Hire a freelancer: You can find a freelance translator on platforms such as Fivver or Upwork.
  • Hire a professional translation agency: The easiest way to translate your documents is to hire a professional agency that will take care of every step of the translation process and deliver a quality translation.

The cost of a translation varies depending on the language service provider, language pair, type of content and time frame. The easiest way to check translation costs is to use one of the LSPs that have an instant online quote feature (eg. Taia), where you can upload your document and receive a quick quote, allowing you to know instantly how much the translation will cost you.