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Meet the TAIA team!

Our origins

cofounders Marko and Matija

Matija and Marko are both language enthusiasts and sailors by heart, so it’s only right they first met on a sailing trip. They instantly hit it off and began thinking about starting a company together.

Marko is a en economist and an experienced entrepreneur while Matija is a graduate in Chinese language and culture but a developer by heart.

After building a successful language education centre they soon realized their clients require translation services as well.

And this it how TAIA was created.

Technology is part of our DNA

TAIA technology in our DNA

Our founders soon realized there are many solutions for companies in search of translation services, but many of them outdated and none of them a fully integrated, one-stop-shop for all your translation needs.

Traditional language service providers have not changed their processes much in recent years, so we took it upon ourselves to change this, by adopting the most modern translation technology and thus providing our clients with:

  • an unprecedented level of transparency,
  • data security and above all,
  • more efficient and faster translation services.

Introducing TAIA - your one stop AI assistant for translations

After two years in research and development TAIA now helps companies and individuals from around the world to translate and localize their content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Combining the efficiency of neural language networks with our expert team of professional translators in a seamless platform with little to no human interaction, your next translation project can be handled in minutes and delivered in record time.

Automation allows us to reduce time and costs but also to ensure your translation is accurate and of highest quality.

TAIA references ZPP
TAIA references AmCham Slovenia
TAIA references EUATC

Our Mission

Helping your organisation to translate content more efficiently,
while ensuring a high level of quality, transparency and security.

Our Vision

We aspire to eliminate language barriers and reduce the effort it takes
for people, to reach out to one another, across cultural distances.

Do you think we can help you reach more people with your service or product?

TAIA is lovingly built and maintained by:

CEO of TAIA Translations Marko Hozjan
Marko Hozjan
CEO & Cofounder

Marko is the heart and soul of TAIA. He leads the team through thick and thin and always makes sure that our work environment is fun.

He spends his free time with his family, if possible on a boat, where they create lifetime memories.

Matija Kovac, development manager at TAIA translations
Matija Kovač
Development Manager & Cofounder

Matija is the development father of TAIA, eternally torn between computer work and working with people.

He loves tough challenges, where his resourcefulness and dedication come to the fore.

He’s proud of his family, but is an experienced entrepreneur and leader at the same time. Ideally he spends his free time sailing full speed ahead in good company.

Miha Babic, Back-End Developer at TAIA translations
Miha Babič
Back-End Developer

As soon as bugs hear his name, they fear for their life! Miha (aka bug hunter) catches them all, so your experience in our app is as seamless as possible.

He usually works remotely, but when he graces us with his presence in the office, we can’t stop laughing at his one-liners.

Miha Sustersic, Front-End developer at TAIA translations
Miha Šušteršič
Front-End Developer

With Miha (oh yes, another Miha in the development department) in our team, every day is a blast! He might seem shy at first, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Just like the other Miha, he usually works remotely, but we’re always having a great time when he comes to the office and cracks a joke or two.

Marija Kriz, key account manager at TAIA translations
Marija Križ
Key Account Manager

You won’t ever catch Marija without a smile on her face! You can’t help but love her positive energy and openness. But when it comes to work she’s determined and always prepared for new mind-boggling challenges.

While she was living in Ireland, she picked up their accent. Although we love the Irish accent, we have to be honest – we can’t understand most of it.

Kaja Sepec, HR Manager and Operations Officer at TAIA Translations
Kaja Šepec
Operations Officer & Human Resources Manager

Kaja is always thinking about the well being of the whole team and does everything in her power to make our work environment as happy and fun as possible.

With Kaja in our corner, there’s no doubt our team will conquer new challenges together and with smiles on our faces.

Primoz Zanoskar, Chief Marketing Officer at TAIA translations
Primož Zanoškar
Chief Marketing Officer

The marketing department has found its rightful leader. Primož is a source of fun and exciting ideas that will surely help us become viral at one point (soon, we hope). 

Every day is an exciting journey with Primož in the office, as he is the most energetic and positive-minded person you’ll ever meet. 

Tamara Unetic, junior digital marketing specialist at TAIA translations
Tamara Unetič
Digital Marketing Assistant

SMALL. LOUD. EFFECTIVE. Just like this description.

Also, don’t feed after midnight.

Andrea Ambrus, project manager at TAIA translations
Andrea Ambruš
Head of Project Management

A graduate ethnologist and cultural anthropologist is one of the more calm souls of the TAIA team.

With her calm and controlled approach, she is a great attribute in the project management department. Always ready for last-minute projects and design challenges.

Alenka Sever, project manager at TAIA translations
Alenka Sever
Project Manager

A student of Spanish and English studies, who has everything under control at all times. No project is too much of a stretch for her, as she is even more resourceful than MacGyver.

She devotes her free time to studying and planning the next traveling destination.

Tanja Sukic, translator at TAIA translations
Tanja Sukič
Project Manager and Translator

Tanja is a born multitasker. She’s not only delivering high-quality translations, but is also an indispensable part of the project management team. 

She’s always coming up with fresh ideas and that’s why we love having her in our team!

Deja Hrovatin, translator at TAIA translations
Deja Hrovatin

An enthusiast of everything Italian … before she could speak she already communicated with Italian gestures!

Now singing is her main way of communication, consequently she’s the main DJ of the office. Her positive energy brightens even the most Monday-like day.

Janik Bacic, translator at TAIA translations
Janik Bačič

Janik is a professional translator who also works as a sarcasm generator, when he’s not yelling at his computer.

As a native speaker of the Prekmurje region he is by far the least understood member of the team. From his dialect we were able to decrypt that he likes to watch football matches in good company and with a good drink in his hand.

Irena Krunic Stevanovic, translator at TAIA translations
Irena Krunić Stevanović

Need a translation into one of the Balkan languages? Well, say no more, because Irena is already half way through the translation. 

Irena is the most quiet team member, that’s probably why she’s so darn effective! But when she does break the silence, she’ll have you laughing until you cry.

Robert Filipcic, project manager at TAIA Translations
Robert Filipčič

Robert is a student of Slovene and English studies and is soon getting his masters degree. He joined our team as a translator and proofreader and has proven his knowledge time and time again!

Although we wondered why he’s so awfully quiet, we soon figured out why … He completes his tasks quickly and very thoroughly. He doesn’t mind helping out wherever he can and that’s why everybody loves working with him.

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