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Your business has unique needs when it comes to translation and localisation – and we understand that.
This is why we provide a whole set of professional translation services for you to choose from while making sure you get the perfect value for your investment.

Our core philosophy has always been to leverage on advanced automation and A.I. translation technology to help professional translators provide you with perfected translations in faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Let us help you cover all your translation needs with the use of modern technology and with experienced professional translators for your project, every time.

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We translate between
 more than 95 world languages.

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We work exclusively with certified and qualified translators.

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We provide the highest quality translation services at competitive prices.

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We translate up to 
4 x faster than traditional translation providers.

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website content

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Legal document translations

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Software and e-commerce localisation

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Tourism and

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Business and

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Medical and Pharmaceutical

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Product specifications and descriptions

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TAIA is your all-in-one translation solution.

Just drag and drop your document into the app, choose your language combination and let automation handle the rest.

You can select between services, delivery dates and order your project with exact price estimation in seconds.


The acronym TEP stands for the three most important steps in the translation process: Translation – Editing – Proofreading.

interpreter taia translations

The first and most important step is the translation stage. 

We choose the right translator for your text; someone who already has experience in the vocabulary of the document.

With the help of TAIAcat the translator translates the text, focusing on the grammar, terminology, consistency and wording. At the same time the translator bears in mind all the instructions, given by the client – as far as there are any.

TEP editing stage TAIA

The second step is the editing stage.

The editor makes sure, that the translated text, gets shaped just as the client wishes. If the client doesn’t have any specific wishes, the editor makes sure that the translated text looks just like the original.

Once the document is translated and edited it can go through the third and final stage.

TAIA text proofreading

The third and last step is the proofreading stage.

This is the final review stage with the main focus on the terminology, grammar and stylistics.

Proofreading is carried out by a native speaker, who makes sure the translated text doesn’t seem like a translation.

After the proofreading stage your translated document is ready for the world to see.

Select the perfect translation service easily

Find the best service for the best price easily, with TAIA’s intuitive service selection slider.
TAIA will automatically analyze your project and calculate available delivery dates. All you need to do then is decide on what services you require.

Easily slide between our five main translation services and even select desktop publishing or proofreading-only jobs if that’s what you need.
TAIA will automatically calculate the exact price for your project.

TAIA is ISO 17100:2015 Certified

We are very proud of our ISO 17100: 2015 ISO Standardized Translation Certification, which we obtained in 2019.

ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resources and the quality of service. It also outlines the best practices for translation companies in order for them to ensure communication between clients and the translator for all completed tasks.

certification ISO 17100

Translator Competency

All TAIA translators demonstrate the five specific competences outlined by the ISO: translation competence, linguistic and textual competence in source and target languages, competence in research and processing, cultural competences, technical competences, and domain competence.

Translator Qualifications

All TAIA translators have a certificate of competence and five years of documented professional experience. Similarly, all translators and revisers have sufficient knowledge in the field of the texts they translate.

Minimum Standards

All translations are subject to revision by a reviser.

Communication between the client and TAIA

We put emphasis on effective communication with you to ensure that the translation meets quality standards. This means that we work with you to understand the relevant requirements, including the quality of the target text, and it’s characteristics. We come to an agreement with you on the style of the translation that is required before the translation begins.

Feedback Process

TAIA uses a client feedback process to better understand how satisfied you were with the work we have done because our goal is to always keep improving!

Data Protection
ISO 17100 states that data protection requirements must be met. TAIA protects your data with integrity. Read our privacy policy here.

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