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Professional Language Services

Ready to unlock endless possibilities for growing your business in global markets? 

Look no further than Taia, a cutting-edge translation platform powered by AI. With our language services refined by expert linguists, we can help your business connect with diverse audiences.

Team up with Taia and bring your translations to the highest level. Our platform ensures your message resonates across websites, documents, legal papers, apps, transcriptions, and more! 

All you need is at your fingertips with a solution that blends quality and affordability easily.

Taia translation services

“We are very pleased with our decision to go with the Taia translations platform.
Firstly, they offer a good balance between quality and price, and they are also willing to go that extra mile for the same price.

We cooperated really well with their project manager, she was very proactive and ready for all our additional requirements, so that we were able to quickly resolve all the issues and potential problems. 

They really did a good job!”

Eva P., Head of Finance @Invented4

Comprehensive Translation Solutions

Experience international success, improve your traffic, and get more conversions with Taia’s language services. We help you easily connect with people all over the world so you can extend your global presence. 

By blending our advanced AI technology and professional linguist expertise, consistent branding across different languages and cultural contexts is guaranteed. 

Accept nothing less. Take advantage of quicker market entry, precise translations, and the ability to manage projects of any scale following an efficient and competitive approach.

What can Taia do for you?

Document translation with Taia translations
Document translation with Taia translations

Document Translation

Our specialized linguists make sure your document is translated with the highest quality, getting your message across exactly as you imagined it.

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Legal translations with Taia translations

Machine Translation / Instant AI

Need it fast and cheap, but don’t care if the quality is not 100%? Machine Translation with our unique Instant AI feature is what you need. Taia’s AI translates instantly and keeps the documents in the original format – for more than 70 file types!

Legal translations with Taia translations
Legal translations with Taia translations

Legal/Sworn Translations

Taia provides different types of official translations depending on your needs. Let our expert translators take care of your legal translation needs!

Website translation with Taia translations
Website translation with Taia translations

Website Translation

Get more traffic to your website by adapting to your target audience. Even among people with a high level of proficiency in English, 76% prefer content in their native language.

Software translation with Taia translations
Software translation with Taia translations

Software Translation

Non-native English markets dominate both the iOS and Google Play charts. Make sure to adapt your app to your target audience and create a great user experience for them.

Subtitle translation with Taia translations
Taia Translations subtitle translation

Subtitle Translation

Video content already makes up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Therefore, adding and translating subtitles has become a must.

Proofreading with Taia translations
Proofreading with Taia translations


Have an experienced linguist proofread your content. This way the written content comes off as if it were written by a professional native speaker.

Live interpretation with Taia translations
Live interpretation with Taia translations


From simultaneous interpreting during a business meeting to interpreting at a large conference, these services are an important part of everyday communication.

Transcription with Taia translations
Transcription with Taia translations


Convert your audio or video content into written form and enable a wider audience to access it. Have your content available in any form depending on the preferences of your target audience.

Voice-over with Taia translations
Voice-over with Taia translations


Find the best voice-over for your video content and grab your audience’s attention! We help you find the right voice for any occasion and arrange everything from start to finish.

Tailor-made translation projects

With Taia, you can easily order localization services with just a few clicks. Try it now, it's free to use - no credit card required.

Industry-Specific Expertise

With Taia, you can rely on accurate translation solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs. 

Our specialized translation services span across a wide range of sectors including law, healthcare, technology, automotive, e-learning, business, gambling, and finance. 

Taia seamlessly adapts to the unique terminology of each industry, delivering maximum accuracy and relevance to your specific field.

Deadline selector in the Taia app
Deadline selector in the Taia app

Technology Industry

We know it: in order to stay afloat with the rapid turnaround of the tech industry, you need a translation solution that’s equally quick, deep, and up-to-the-minute.

For this reason, Taia also delivers cutting edge translations in the areas of software, hardware, IT documentation, and all other tech fields. Our platform serves in ensuring tech jargon and industry initiatives stay fresh and current to the breakthroughs of technology.

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Marketing is also an ever-changing landscape, and Taia’s adaptability extends to this field as well. We understand the importance of conveying your brand message accurately and effectively across different languages and cultures.

From website localization to advertising materials, our tool has the linguistic expertise to help you reach your global audience.

Project process tracker in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app

Education and E-Learning

If you need educational materials, e-learning courses, training manuals, user guides and any other content from this industry translated, get in touch with us at Taia!

We can support technical terminology, and ensure that translations are accurate and user-friendly to the students as well as the educators who use our platform.

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Energy Industry

There are few fields as highly complex as the energy industry. We at Taia ensure that technical terms and industry jargon are translated correctly, enabling effective business communications between energy entities. 

Our AI – assisted solution will help you to understand everything from renewables and sustainability to oil and gas. Just provide our tool with your documents and let us take care of the rest!

Monitor projects in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app


Do you need to communicate with people from all over the world? We know how hard it can be! Our tool will assist with the translation of tourism websites, travel guides, brochures, and other tourism materials and can also help to localise content that will appeal to different target markets and ensure translations are culturally sensitive and specific.

Monitor projects in the Taia app

Legal Industry

When you’re deep in the legal industry, you don’t have time to worry about language barriers. Our AI – assisted solution can help with translations of legal documents, contracts, and other important materials accurately and efficiently.

In fact, Taia’s solution maintains the fidelity of legal content through meticulous attention to translation. All legal terminology and nuances are converted with perfection within our platform, so you just need to worry about your job.

Monitor projects in the Taia app

Why Choose Taia?

Taia elevates state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver precise and enlightening information to a myriad of users and audiences in the global market. 

This trendsetting method distinguishes us from conventional approaches, simplifying the process of using translation services. 

Our range of multiple language services is extensive to meet the requirements of customers following both human and AI approaches, all supported by Taia’s ISO certifications. This seal of approval demonstrates our platform’s commitment to upholding exceptional standards.

Don’t look any further. By integrating with diverse platforms and systems, our innovative translation platform, supported by AI and perfected by professional linguists, ensures that users can access materials translated to any language without encountering challenges. 

Taia’s solution has earned a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, building trust and credibility. Give it a try today and experience the power of ultimate translations!

In case we haven't covered it all...

Professional translation services are committed to accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and linguistic consistency. The Taia Platform specializes in specific industries and subject areas to deliver accurate translations for technical content while upholding confidentiality and data security.

Taia uses a comprehensive approach that combines AI technology with human expertise to deliver accurate and reliable translations to users. The combination of advanced language processing technology, machine learning algorithms, and human oversight helps the platform continuously improve its translation accuracy by analyzing and learning from vast amounts of linguistic data to understand context, tone, and nuances in language.

Taia offers its services to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to technology, website translations, software services, legal translations,  finances, healthcare, retail, education and e-learning, manufacturing, tourism, and more. With Taia’s AI-powered solutions, businesses can experience improved efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance by addressing the specific needs and challenges of their industry.

Yes, Taia can handle large-scale translation projects efficiently and accurately. The advanced AI technology, backed up by professional human translations, allows it to process a large amount of text. What’s best is Taia can work on multiple projects simultaneously, making it a reliable choice for organizations needing to translate a high volume of content. Start by contacting our team on Taia and let the platform do the deed for you!


Taia’s turnaround times for translation projects vary based on the size and complexity of the project, but the platform works hard for quick and efficient delivery. This language platform strives to meet 24-hour turnarounds for small projects with human services and offers near-instant results if you go solely for our innovative Artificial Intelligence language service.

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If you’re seeking precise and efficient professional translation services, Taia is the answer! 

Our team of experienced language experts and advanced AI software is fully dedicated to providing high-quality translations on time. Whether you require document translations for business, legal, or personal purposes, we’ve got your back. 

And you can now easily order localization services with just a few clicks. 

Reach out and get a quote instantly. Taia’s language services handle your translation needs with meticulous attention and care. Try it now, it’s free to use – no credit card is required.