Discover how efficient the translation process can be.

Manage Translation Projects Simpler, Better and Faster

The Taia platform makes project management straightforward—from ordering translations to filtering and sorting projects, assigning team roles, improving team collaboration and increasing productivity.

Document translations with Taia

“I like using Taia because it’s easy to submit and track translation requests, with clear pricing and timescales provided from the outset. This enables me to manage my own workload effectively and to offer clear pricing and timescales to my own clients…”

Rachel Roche @Roche Legal

Seamless Management of Your Translation Projects

Managing translation projects can be a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Taia platform helps you manage the process seamlessly. Easily filter projects, assign roles, order projects and focus on what matters most to your business

Deadline selector in the Taia app
Deadline selector in the Taia app

Simplified Project Creation

Create a new project in three easy steps

1. Add file names and project types, assign them to a team, and choose your source and target languages.

2. Drag and drop the content you want to be translated on the platform.

3. Select your industry. It’s as simple as that.

Project process tracker in the Taia app

Streamlined Communication

Cut out email comms and order translations in real-time.

Since the platform is operational 24/7, you no longer need to wait for someone to respond to an email for the translation process to begin. There is no longer the need for back-and-forth emails—everything can be selected and communicated within the platform and everyone is on the same page.

Project process tracker in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app
Get an instant quote in the Taia app

Stay on Top of Your Projects

Keep track of your projects at a glance.

From the Project Management dashboard, you can see exactly what the status of your project is, whether it is in progress or completed, or if it’s in draft mode and is yet to be ordered. At a glance, you can stay up to speed. No need to contact individuals in your team or Taia for status updates.

Monitor projects in the Taia app

Select Individual Access Rights

You have control over your teams and what they can do on the platform.

Not all your members require the same level of access to projects. Perhaps they only need to view the projects, while others may need the ability to order projects or manage billing. You can easily manage individual roles in the platform and decide which team each person is assigned to.

Monitor projects in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app
Team member management in the Taia app

Interface Personalization

Effortless interface customization and filtering.

Manage the Taia platform interface to view your projects by grid or list view. Easily filter projects by teams, project status and dates, making finding and sorting your projects simple and saving you valuable time.

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The Taia Platform Makes Online Project Management Easy

Get access to a full range of project management capabilities.

Intuitive Interface

No team training required for project management. The platform is easy to navigate and guides your team every step of the way; your team will actually love using it.

Upload Feature

Upload your translation projects directly to the platform, bypassing the mailbox limits and security issues that are often an issue with email attachments.

Project Status Tool

Know at a glance exactly whether your project is in draft mode, in progress or complete.

Filter Tool

Allows you to easily search for your projects on the translation dashboard.

Easy Selection

Select whether you want to translate yourself or outsource your project to our team of professionals. You can also easily select the specifics of your translations with a click of a few buttons.

Exceptional Project Management Support

We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Even though our platform and project management capabilities are straightforward, our Project Management team is always on standby, ready to assist you with questions or dispense advice.

Other Helpful Features

Team & User Management

Have multiple users and teams on one platform. Separate projects, billing and user roles—all in one space.

View Feature

Language Services

The Taia platform offers a range of language services, making the translation process a cinch.

View Feature

Delivery Date Selection

Increase your productivity and never miss a deadline again with our delivery date feature.

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In case we haven't covered it all...

There are certain capabilities that are included in all plans and packages—the ease of ordering, tracking and getting translations done comes with all packages. No matter your translation needs, we want you to have the smoothest translation project management experience.

There are other functionalities that are only available on the Pro and Enterprise versions. Having a dedicated Project Manager assisting you with translation, for example, is only available with the Pro Package and higher.

Depending on the package you select, your business can have a dedicated Project Manager and translation team. This means you have a dedicated Taia team member that assists you with the translation process, answering any questions you may have and helping you with the management of your projects online. Because we are customer-centric, we do assist all our clients, but it won’t always be guaranteed that you will be dealing with the same person.

Our team is always on standby even if you are on the free plan. We do have dedicated resources for some of the packages, but will help anyone using our platform. This sets us apart from generic online translation tools or free services. We do truly care and aim to offer the best service, making translation project management as smooth as possible.

We have set up the platform and the Project Management feature with our clients in mind. We are more reliable than generic free translation tools, and are a great platform for businesses to use, no matter their size—the Platform part of our translation services is what really sets us apart.

Our clients have reported saving up to 70% in translation costs, becoming 3 times more efficient, and continuing to be impressed with our level of customer service. Combine all these things with the streamlined project management system and you get a winning formula, making translation a painless experience.