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The Taia app is easy to use and you get an instant quotation for your translation project. Besides the cost, you instantly know when to expect the translation to be done. You can even accommodate the delivery time to your needs. They have a wide range of translation services from which you can choose.
Metka, Mechanical Construction @Unior Special Machines
We've been working with Taia for many years now. During this time we established a very pleasant business relationship. We can describe their work as: fast, reliable, very professional and high quality. They listen to their customers' needs and always deliver as expected.
Aleša, Product EHR&R Leader @3M East AG
The Taia platform is easy to use. The customer support and accessibility of the Taia team is excellent. The translations are of good quality and delivered as agreed. Technology offers affordable prices. Very satisfied.
Vojko, Head of Marketing @Euroton
We are very satisfied with Taia, as the translations are of high quality and quickly accessible. We receive the finished translations usually before the deadline. The app is easy and fast to use, without waiting for feedback and responses, which further enhances the whole experience.
Ana, Business Assistant @Hervis
In our company, due to the dynamics of work, we often need fast translation services. Taia has always arranged affordable translations of documents as well as court translations quickly, with high quality. The ordering process is simple, as it takes place through their platform, where you submit your document, monitor its progress and completion. Their staff is always available for help and advice. I warmly recommend to anyone who has not yet chosen their language service provider to opt for Taia and test their professionalism.
Urska S., Business Assistant @MDM
I'm using Taia's Catapult for business purposes. I'm using their tool as an individual and translating by myself. Some sentences are already fully translated, while others need just minor corrections. The translation takes half of the time compared to before. Because of optimisation, Taia enables me to do the rest of my work in a timely manner. I can't imagine translating without Catapult anymore!
Ana V., Web Shop Manager @Mali Zakladi
I have been using Catapult regularly for some time now and the quality it provides is really good. The style and accuracy with which my technical documents were translated were exactly to my expectations. I was really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to further develop the software
Aleksander S., Technical Trainer @Hyundai
The Catapult translation tool significantly speeds up my translation process and makes it easier. It is very user-friendly and clearly structured. It truly lives up to its name – it catapults you towards better, faster and high-quality translations.
Tina L., Translator & Proofreader @Medis
Translating really becomes a game with the Taia platform, as it still maintains the charm of this fine craft by allowing you to search for the best language collocations, play around with meanings, compare and analyze while at the same time sparing you the "manual" labour that is normally associated with typing. The translation also retains the format of the original. This way, the translator can really focus on polishing the fine nuances of syntax and semantics and ensure that the end result will be to the benefit of the final user.
Nanika F., Translator & Purchasing Department @Kovinar
We have been working with Taia since last year. We would recommend their platform for translation services and highlight their professional attitude.
Lana S., Public Relations Specialist @LifeClass Hotels and Spa
Our experience with Taia is excellent. We love that you always listen to us, respect our wishes, and that you are available to us when in a hurry. We are most pleased to finally work with a precise and consistent partner who, even in the case of demanding vocabulary, always delivers quality translations to which we have no comment.
Ina Z., Assistant @Salonit Anhovo
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