New updates in the Taia app!

Taia app updates

What can you expect from the new updates?

We listen to your wishes and ideas, carefully consider all of them and take them all in consideration, when the dev team does their magic.

Our goal was always to make our app as user-friendly as possible. That’s why we’re always working on new updates – to make the ordering process as easy and effective as possible.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s new.

1. The document uploader

Instead of having to insert all the information in one step, we split it up in to three steps. We knew it could get confusing at times, as everything was huddled up in one page.

First step in the Taia app
Second step in the Taia app
Third step in the Taia app

If you need a translation of a short text, you can now paste it directly into the uploader and it will automatically convert into a txt file, as you go on. All you have to do is flip the switch labeled file / text in the first step.

This is perfect for social media content, as it is short and normally needs to be translated fast. This way you won’t need to lose time with copy-pasting it into a word file and then uploading it into our app.

short text input in the Taia app
Select translation or just proofreading in the Taia app

If you just need to proofread your content, you can choose that option in the second step. The target language will disappear, as it is superfluous in this case.

2. Select services

By now you probably know we offer a wide selection of translation services and could quickly get overwhelmed … Which service would be the best for your project, depending on your needs, time-frame and budget?

You can now easily select between different services for each language. Maybe you need a more thorough work on the spanish language, but a little less for english, because you can give it to someone in your company to make sure it’s perfect. So, you can choose a translation with revision (which we would normally recommend) for Spanish and a machine translation with light review for English.

Service descriptions in the Taia app

But if you’re still not sure which service would be the best choice for you, you can just hover with your mouse over the translation service and you’ll get all the information; which service is suitable for certain needs, how fast you’ll get the translation, what quality you can expect from the service and what is the estimated price range of the selected service.

3. Delivery time slider

Sometimes translations need to be delivered faster than usual. With the time delivery slider you can choose when you want your translation to be delivered.

Hovering over the delivery time option, you can see how much faster you can get your translation and how much more you’ll be charged for it.

Under the slider you’ll see the date of the delivery.

Select the delivery time in the Taia app
New updates in the Taia app - new card design

3. New card design in the dashboard

This update probably wasn’t as necessary as others, but while our dev team was on it, they made the dashboard even prettier. You can now monitor the status of your project and follow that progress bar as your project is being completed in a more convenient way.

Make sure to stay tuned as there are many new updates coming soon and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for our dev team.

Try out all the new updates in our app!

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