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Yes, Taia specializes in website and software localization. We support various file formats and provide translated content in the same format for easy integration into your systems. At Taia we go beyond standard translation services to offer comprehensive website and software localization.

We understand that localization is not just about translating words; it’s about adapting your content, layout, and even functionality to resonate with the target audience culturally and emotionally. Whether you’re looking to localize your e-commerce site or your SaaS platform, our specialists have the linguistic and technical expertise to ensure that your software speaks the local language in both text and context.

Yes, Taia is equipped to manage specialized translations such as legal or technical documents. We understand the sensitivity and complexity involved in these types of translations. Our platform allows you to specify the subject matter, ensuring that your project is assigned to translators who have specific expertise in the field. Be it legal contracts, technical manuals, or scientific research, our certified translators are qualified to handle your specialized translation needs with the utmost precision and confidentiality.

Absolutely, Taia offers a comprehensive suite of services, including transcriptions, subtitling, glossary creation, and more. We’re your one-stop solution for all language needs.

Yes, Taia offers a specialized SEO translation service to optimize your content for multiple languages. Our process starts with a thorough keyword analysis tailored to each target market. Our interdisciplinary team of SEO experts and translators collaboratively work to infuse your content with market-specific keywords, providing long-term visibility. We also localize all SEO-relevant metadata like page titles and meta descriptions. With Taia, you get a well-rounded SEO translation that aligns with local search behaviors, ensuring that your brand stands out in international markets.

Yes, Taia has an integrated self-translation tool, called Catapult, that helps you translate your content faster. It can be used by anyone who speaks two languages and wants to translate their content themselves—either as part of their job or as freelancers who want to work more efficiently.

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