API integration

Connect your software with our API and get your translations in no time!

Do you have a lot of content that needs to be translated into different languages? 

You can now get it translated, without even leaving your CRM, ERP, E-commerce or any other software your company is using.

Imagine you have a magic button exactly where you need it to be, allowing you to get either almost instant and absolutely accurate machine translation, or professional human translation. 

No need to write emails and deal with freelancers or translation agencies. A couple of clicks and you’re done. Get your content translated seamlessly with TAIA’s easy-to-integrate API.

TAIA's API integration

Who is it for?

E-commerce and webstore translations

Suppose you sell your products online via your e-commerce webstore. You have new products and descriptions every day that need to be translated to another language. What is your next step? Probably you’ll write one more routine email to some translation agency.

Website translation with API integration

Website translation

We are eager to provide you with a language solution for any sudden or planned product description, advertisement campaign, any number of contracts and each and every system where you do business and deal with clients.

You simply select the text you need, make a couple of clicks directly in your webstore admin dashboard- et voilà – you’ve either got correct machine translation in a minute or ordered professional human translation that will take less time and money. 

Should you have a huge document database – our API will enable you to translate right inside of it with decent quality.

The purpose of our API is to help you eliminate all language barriers as fast, efficiently and rationally as possible. To provide a smooth and comfortable solution to your translation needs and, primarily, save your time – this is what we are after!

How our API works


It works pretty simple. Your developers can easily embed our translation API so that when using your website, chat/communication system, CRM, ERP or any system you own or can adjust code for, you could seamlessly order translation in seconds. 

It is easy as pie, since all the necessary information we provide, as well as support. 

Pricing, based on loyalty and trust

Since machine translation and human translation differ in both time and efforts, our pricing policy will differ the same way. 

We aspire to resolve all your translation needs as long as possible, therefore the price will gradually decline as you work with us. 

It is all possible due to the advanced technology in TAIA’s translation system which learns from every single order and the more translation it performs, the less your price amounts to. 

For this reason, our pricing is directed on loyalty and constant, fruitful work.

decreasing price chart

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