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What's new in the translation industry?

There are new updates in the Taia App!

Santa is Early This Year With a Basket Full of Updates

social media channels

Include social media localization in your strategy and watch the numbers skyrocket!

Improving the User Experience in the Taia Platform makes the clinet super happy! Just like this girl on the photo.

Funtastic Ficus Jr. – Improving the User Experience in the Taia Platform

Sign of an ongoing Sale

How to win this year’s holiday season sale with this hidden Black Friday marketing strategy

funtastic ficus update

Funtastic Ficus – New updates to the Taia app

The Judge Hammer

4 Types of Legal Translations

Business woman sitting in her office.

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Translator (a Trilogy): Chapter 1 – The Misunderstood

website translation for your business

Top 5 Benefits of a Multilingual Website

Translation tools helping the workflow

Top 5 translation tools of 2021

Debunked myths about machine translation

Misconceptions about machine translation or why you shouldn’t fear the rise of machines

Man pointing a European country on the map

How to successfully enter the European market

Friends discussing what are the top 10 language pairs in 2021

What Are the Top 10 Language Pairs in 2021?