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What's new in the translation industry?

Dashboard of the self-translating tool Catapult from Taia platform.

Mastering Translation with Catapult in Taia

Loading data bar and a documents icon with a padlock over it for extra security

Ensuring the Security of Your Data with Taia

A laptoo with Taia team management dashboard

Managing Your Team with Taia’s Company Management Module: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Full Potential of the Taia Platform

Three stars representing translation quality tiers

Unraveling Taia’s Professional Translation Quality Tiers: A Comprehensive Guide

A laptop with Taia Platform opened on Create Project page.

How to Create Your First Project on Taia: A Step-By-Step Guide

A world with different languages and speech bubbles that you can reach to using Taia translations platform.

Introduction to Taia: Your One-Stop Solution for All Language Needs

An image depicting how a translation memory works by illustrating source languages and translation target language

Glossary Management: Consistent Terminology Guide for Fast Localization​

How to translate or localize your Indesign Project

Expanding Your Reach: How to Prepare and Translate Your InDesign Project with Taia