Unlocking the Full Potential of the Taia Platform

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Prepare Your Files

At Taia, we take pride in our adaptability, accommodating over 70 file formats, ranging from familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs to complex layouts for Website and Software localization. However, there’s a golden rule for ensuring your translation journey is as smooth as possible: opt for files that are easy to edit. While Taia can work its magic on most formats, we recommend steering clear of PDFs or images. Wondering why? Let’s break it down.

While PDFs might seem like a convenient choice, they often present extensive challenges when it comes to editing. Here’s a little-known fact: it’s likely your file didn’t start life as a PDF. It probably originated in a user-friendly program like Word or InDesign and was converted into a PDF for sharing or printing.

So, our expert advice? Always go back to the source. If your document was first created in Word, Excel, or InDesign, bring that original version to Taia. By doing so, you’re ensuring a hassle-free editing experience and, consequently, a flawless translation.

By choosing the right file format and following our file format tip, you’re laying the foundation for a seamless translation experience.

File Format Tips:

  • All files in your project should contain only one language and include only the text you actually need to translate.
  • In Excel files, you can hide tabs, columns, or rows you want left out of the translation.

Build a Glossary

Consistency is key when it comes to translation. A glossary can ensure that specific terms and phrases are translated the same way every time. Taia’s platform allows you to easily create your own personalized glossary, which can then be used for all your future projects. Explore how glossary creation can further enhance your content!

Import Translation Memory

What if you could recycle your past translations for future projects? Translation Memory allows you to do just that. With Taia, you can import your existing Translation Memory, ensuring that repeated phrases or sentences aren’t translated (and billed) again. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Define Requirements for Translators

Providing clear guidelines for your translators can dramatically improve the quality of your translated content. Taia allows you to specify your needs, making sure that our linguists are fully aware of the context and requirements of your project.

The Dashboard: Your Control Center

Our intuitive dashboard is your project management haven. With features like project status tracking and file management, Taia gives you all the tools you need for seamless translation management.

Maximizing the practicality of Taia is about more than just understanding how to create a new project. It’s about knowing how to use the platform’s range of features to your advantage. 

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