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Yes, Taia provides a powerful API that allows seamless integration with other platforms, enabling automated workflows for your translation needs.

It’s exactly what it says on the label: a translation provided by a machine, in this case a highly advanced artificial neural network in the form of a transformer model that learns and improves daily. 

But at the same time it’s still just a machine and machines make mistakes, just like humans do. So in some cases it will provide you with a perfect translation and in other cases it might just make you laugh by being a bit silly. Either way, it’s not going to take your job but it will help you translate more efficiently, thus giving you more time to do meaningful work.

A Translation Memory, or TM, is essentially a database of previously translated segments. As we translate your content, we systematically store these translated segments. Later on, when you require translation for a document that contains identical segments, we retrieve and present these prior translations to our professional translators. 

This not only accelerates the translation process but also plays a vital role in maintaining consistent terminology by reusing the pre-approved segments. When the system encounters similar phrases or sentences in new projects, it also suggests using these pre-approved translations, thereby ensuring uniformity across your content.

We’re constantly working to improve Taia and expand its capabilities. While we can’t reveal all our plans, expect to see advancements in AI technology, support for more languages, and enhanced collaboration features.

Do you have a feature request or an idea on how we can improve Taia? Let us know at [email protected].

Other information

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