Top 5 translation tools of 2021

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Speed, efficiency, and consistent quality will make you stand out in this highly competitive market! But with so many translation tools on the market, where do you even begin?
Read on to discover the top 5 translation tools that will make all the difference to your processes. Do more, stay consistent, and cut your workflow dramatically!

Translation Tool No.1: SDL Trados Studio

The first on the list of the top 5 translation tools is the well-known SDL Trados Studio.

SDL Trados Studio has been around for a while… and by “a while” we mean that this tool has been on the market for over 30 years!
With a community of more than 250,000 translators, it definitely lives up to its potential as being one of the most popular CAT tools out there. Trados offers 3 different packages – for freelance translators, for translation agencies, and for companies with in-house translators.
Top 5 translation tools SDL Trados Studio

Its software features translation memory, terminology, machine translation, and software localization. All this versatility is combined in one desktop app.

If you’d like to take it for a test ride, you can try a 30-day demo version, but note that it’s only possible if you download their desktop app. That, and of course the fact that it is not supported on Mac.

Translation Tool No.2: memoQ

Next on our list is definitely MemoQ – a CAT tool that runs solely on the Microsoft Operating System. It was designed to improve the quality and productivity of freelance translators.
MemoQ offers a number of functions that help you reuse previous translations – from translation memory, terminology management and machine translation, all the way to quality control and reporting.
There is also the option to test out the memoQ translator pro version. All you have to do is download the desktop app, and you’ll have 30 days to test it out.
memoQ logo

Translation Tool No.3: Wordfast Pro

Wordfast Pro is a multi-platform translation tool allowing translators, language service providers and multinational corporations to handle their translations with ease.
This tool is available for download and runs natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux. What sets Wordfast Pro apart from other CAT tools is that it enables its users to import and export TMs even with the demo version. For the unlimited time of course.
Wordfast pro logo
To try out Wordfast Pro, you can fill out a form for a 30-day free trial. However, there are certain restrictions, including the size of the translation memory (500 units), a max limit of one TM and one glossary per project, and no remote TM or glossary connections.

Translation Tool No.4: Fluency Now Professional

One of the top 5 translation tools out there is Fluency Now Professional, an affordable CAT tool for professional translators which is available on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Affordability is a priority for this translation tool, as the focus is on helping freelance translators to do their job as efficiently as possible.
Fluency Now logo

Not sure about this tool? No worries! You can see if Fluency Now is the tool for you by trying out their 15-day free trial.

Translation Tool No.5: Catapult

Of course, we couldn’t look past Catapult when it comes to the top 5 translation tools for this year.

Looking to improve your translation workflow speed by up to 3-times? Then Catapult is definitely a tool you should consider!

A cloud-based tool available for you any time and everywhere via any modern web browser, Catapult offers a versatile repertoire of functions to put you into second gear. Enjoy translation memory, team collaboration, glossaries, MT and much more. All this in one easy-to-use and highly secure web app.
translation tool Catapult
There are 3 packages available, all with different monthly word counts. And if none of them are enough for you, there’s always the possibility of a custom-made package.
You can start by going for the free package, which gives you the chance to try Catapult out. Translate up to 2,000 words for free and see how much easier translating can get!

Top 5 translation tools… but aren’t there more on the market?

Of course, they are. But honestly, mentioning every single translation tool would be a bit overwhelming. Don’t you agree? SO, we thought it would be easier for you to dip your toes in the water with the top 5 translation tools that are currently in the market.

There are countless translation tools available on the market, all of which have their unique perks and benefits. And we can say for sure that there is one designed perfectly for you!

In this blog, we introduced you to the most known translation tools in the industry. By setting up a proper benchmark, you now have a proper insight into what to expect when looking for a quality translation tool.
We would love to tell you directly which one is perfect for you, but we are afraid it doesn’t work this way…That is something you have to try out first hand and see for yourself what works best for you.
Lucky for you, many of them are offering a free trial, so you can dip your foot in the water and get to know them before fully committing! Go on and try as many as you need! Click here and give Catapult a go first!

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