Nr. 1 Essential for Global Growth Hacking: Machine Translation

Growth hacking tool machine translation

Let’s say you’ve got the quality, you’ve got an immensely capable salesperson, who could eventually even sell forks to a tea house. But how can you achieve this global breakthrough and present yourself more strategically and effectively?

The conversion could be higher when advertising and informing multilingual

Now imagine you start with the realisation of your global growth hacking plan and you reach out to your potential foreign clients not only in universally accepted English language, but in their mother tongue as well. You probably wonder, if your B2C could actually become more engaging. For instance, science already nods to it.

Why is this so? Well, the main purpose of a marketing campaign is to make people aware of their need and to recognise you as the superb provider who could satisfy that need.

multilingual support with mt

Eventually, you want them to trust your services and perceive you as a long-run option – your goal isn’t only to be remembered.

Now, think from your own personal perspective: which experience, events are more deeply ingrained in your memory – something basic or something with an emotional background?

This definitely isn’t just ‘bro science’. Research in the field of psycholinguistics, conducted by the University of Chicago, has shown that communicating in a foreign language takes the emotion out of the deliberation process. This discovery could clarify the statistic, published by Common Sense Advisory, that 75 % of consumers rather buy in their native tongue.

Some most successful global brands, e.g. Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Lush, Microsoft etc., have achieved their enviable results exactly by adapting their marketing strategy to foreign languages and market, especially emphasizing localization simultaneously to avoid any potential brand blunder.

You can also read here how a multilingual website provides better customer experience and helps you to overhaul your competition.

Include MT in your global growth hacking plan - it's cost-effective

If this discovery is so fundamental, why aren’t all global brands advertising their products multilingually?

One of the most common reasons is a limited budget. Integrating into several different countries induces the need to seek for several different translators, to deal with a pile of SEO and advertising optimisation, accompanied by localization.

But what if you could manage this part of the process at just one place, save time and reduce the expenses – in a community, like ours, which combines professional translators and machine translation, supported by ANNs?

machine translation is pocket friendly

The main reason why you should take this option into consideration is that the whole concept of AI overcomes the speed limit of a human mind. This actually saves you time and consequently reduces expenses. It is an investment that most certainly pays off – just remember what we told you about the psycholinguistic effect in the previous section. When it comes to growth hacking on global level, you have to be even more careful with your budget.

And over some time of being a client of ours, our services become even costlier for you  – exponentially! Here you can read more about how.

The adjustable ratio between quality and cost = budget-friendly

We are aware that during the process of globalization the content that has to be translated varies from casual to formal and professional.

Thus you won’t always need many-times-proof-read or a top-notch translation. That’s why we want to offer you an option to choose the level of how advanced you want your translation to be – which enables you to manoeuvre with your budget even more.

I like to depict this with an example, inspired by food – because everyone likes food. You can order fast food to quickly satisfy your hunger or indulge yourself with gourmet food – the choice depends completely on your budget and need. 

In our case, we can provide you with everything from ‘fast’ to ‘gourmet’ translation, which also enables you to stick to your budget.

If you want to ‘taste’, completely free, how Taia, our machine translation platform, works, please refer to this link.

growth hacking with machine translation

Frequently asked questions

Expanding your business internationally can be a struggle, when you’re budget is limited. Translations can be a handful, that’s why machine translation is the most budget-friendly option, so you can focus on effectively growing your business.

Seeing that machine translation is getting better with each day, it can be a great way to enter a new market, without spending a fortune on translations.

The market is changing fast, and your business should do its best to stay up to date. This is where machine translation can benefit your business, as the output quality is getting more accurate each day.

Taia’s machine translation can help you take your growth hacking efforts globally. Want to know how?

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