Localize you Black Friday offers to increase sales

localize your black friday offer

Black Friday boosts the sales number of companies worldwide, but this year could be a bit more difficult, since COVID-19 had a huge impact on the global economy. Because of that, it’s time to find new ways to have a successful Black Friday sales. 

Localize your Black Friday offers, target new markets and see an increase of your sales, regardless of the current global situation! If you’re not sure which markets to target for this purpose, you can read it up in our previous two blog posts, where we wrote about the most promising foreign markets for business, and check the following article to see which markets have the biggest sales increase on Black Friday.

increase sales with localization

Before we start on how localization can increase your Black Friday sales, let’s clear up the difference between translation and localization:

“Localization (also referred to as “l10n”) is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is only one of several elements of the localization process.”

Why is Black Friday the perfect opportunity to target new markets?

The Black Friday trend started off in the US and lasted for a day. But nowadays, Black Friday has become a global phenomenon and its popularity amongst other markets is rising every year. Because of the popularity, Black Friday isn’t limited to a day anymore, but is nowadays lasting for a few days or even a week.

Compared to an ordinary day, data from 2018 show a 663% sales increase on Black Friday. In some countries, the increase isn’t as significant as in others. For example; Thailand has a 74% sales increase, but Germany on the other hand has an increase of 2418% during the Black Friday sales.

opportunity to expand to new markets

Increase sales with localization

You might not be too fond of the idea of spending extra on translation and localization services, as you’re not sure on how exactly it can increase your Black Friday sales.

Investing a little extra into localizing your Black Friday offers is a recipe for success. Adapting your offers to the target audience is going to make the best possible impression, which will potentially result in a sales increase for you.

What exactly does localization do to help you increase sales?

Localization is the key to earn trust of new markets and gaining new customers internationally. It is proven that customers rather buy from a company that takes time to adapt their content to their cultural specifics.

increase sales

Localizing your content doesn’t just mean getting your texts translated. It’s an adjustment of the content, date format, currencies, images and much more, as it should be tailored to the cultural specifics of the target market. 

Make sure to have your advertisements localized. There’s a high probability that it will be the first time your potential customers hear about your brand – especially during the Black Friday sales. Localize your ads, as translation alone isn’t enough. Only translating your ads could end in disaster, as Google Ads and similar platforms have a character limit in the text and other policies that depend on the target market.

For better understanding on why localization is a better choice when conquering new markets, read one of our blogs on the difference between localization and translation.

Frequently asked questions

When targeting new markets, localization is the key to success. It’s proven clients rather buy from companies that offer product descriptions in their language, as it shows your brand as trust-worthy and credible.

Localized content is the key to earning trust of new markets and gaining new customers internationally. Enter new markets the right way, as it will reflect on your company and localization is surely the right way to do so!

If you feel like your product could sell even more internationally, do the research on which markets could be beneficial for you. Before you enter a new market, make sure to localize all your content, so you’ll earn the trust of future customers.

Let Taia help you localize your Black Friday offers and increase your sales numbers!

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