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Taia’s company culture is striving towards creating a work environment, where everyone feels comfortable and as an indispensable part of the company.

Building a positive company culture

It’s important that employees feel appreciated and heard, as happy employees are proven to be more productive.

Taia employees always have the opportunity to express their feelings, if they would ever feel unhappy with a certain situation. That’s why our CEO Marko always keeps his door open (quite literally – he never closes his office doors).

Marko Hozjan

Marko Hozjan


“I truly believe in a well known phrase: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. From my own observations of the millennial generation, I see that modern culture setups are the best fit for them. And the majority of the Taia team are millennials. I want to maximize transparency by opening all the communication channels, especially to myself.

My goal is to create a so-called comunitas (referring to the very spirit of community, an unstructured state in which all members are equal, allowing them to share a common experience, which is a common trait of high performance teams).”

Positive company culture includes taking all ideas in consideration

Everybody’s ideas are taken in consideration

You have an idea, but it’s not necessarily related to your field of expertise? Doesn’t matter! Just speak up and present the idea. Each and every idea is taken into consideration and a lot of the time, this particular idea could be the answer to a problem that has been looking for a solution.

You’d think that translators and developers have nothing in common, right? WRONG! Our translators and developers are constantly working together and helping each other to make our app the best it can be. Having two different perspectives can make it all come together.

“We take pride in consistently working across different teams in the company. That’s why you’ll find me asking our project managers or translators what they think of this or that feature and how they would like to see something implemented in our app. I honestly hope they don’t feel like I’m bothering them too much, but I’m aware of how their perspective helps us design our product from the ground up.

We know that our software solution can only achieve its full potential if we include our users, both clients and our own team, into the development process right from the start, so we rarely write any code at all before we get feedback on our ideas from our users.”

Matija Kovac

Matija Kovač

Co-founder and head of development

Not just coworkers, but friends

Yeah, we know that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but we really see each other as friends.

Research shows that close work friendships can boost employee morale by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.

Although we’re close friends, that doesn’t mean that we forget about work altogether. We’re still focused on our tasks and get work done as it should be. So we make time after work to grab a drink or organize team building activities that connect us.

Positive company culture at Taia Translations

Also, we always, always, always, have lunch together. It’s not mandatory, but it’s the 30 minutes of the day we don’t talk about work, but rather crack a joke or two and have a good laugh together.

Andrea Ambrus

Andrea Ambruš

Vednor Manager

“Since we’re still a small team, we’re really connected. We have ensured a healthy balance between business and friendship, so we still get everything done just like it’s supposed to be, but we don’t forget to take a few minutes each day to have some fun and let loose.

With so many different personalities work is really fun and I love our morning chit chats while we’re having our coffee. I know that if ever I need any help, I can rely on each and every team member.”

Doing what’s best for the company

Doing what's best for the company's success

Everybody working at Taia Translations truly believes in the work we do and why we do it. If you’re working for something you don’t believe in, you surely won’t be happy in your workplace.aiaaia

Employees that are on board with the company’s mission are more engaged and are working towards achieving the company’s goals. If you’re not believing in what you’re doing, it just becomes another job without any deeper meaning behind it.

Taia team members are encouraged to constantly grow and expand their knowledge, as we’re aware that consequently the company will grow, too.

“I started at Taia as a digital marketing intern with little knowledge about marketing. They welcomed me with open arms and took me under their wing and thought me a lot about digital marketing over the past few months.

There aren’t a lot of companies that are prepared to invest so much time and effort into teaching young newcomers as the Taia team did (shout out to Matija for constantly putting up with my never ending questions). Now I’m finally at a stage, where I can contribute to Taia’s success story.”

Tamara Unetic

Tamara Unetič

Digital Marketing Specialist

We’re all in this together

We’re not just a bunch of individuals that happen to work in the same place. Nope, we’re a TEAM. Being a team means working together, helping and looking out for each other.

A good example of how a team should work is sports. Sports teams work together; while everyone has different tasks to do, they do it with one goal in mind and won’t stop until they achieve that goal.

And the same goes for our team. Everybody has their own different tasks, but everybody is working towards one goal – and that is to deliver the best possible translations, tailored to your exact wishes and requests.

Taia team working together

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