Who can request a translation?

Everyone! No matter if you have a large or small translation task, we do it all.

How do I access your app?

Easy! Just go to https://app.taia.io/ and sign up with your account.

How do I track my translation’s status?

You can monitor the status of your translation within the project in your control panel.

How can I upload documents?

Simply drag and drop your document onto the uploader on our landing page and click analyse to use TAIA’s translation dashboard.

Where do I see the completed translation?

The translation is displayed by clicking on the project in your dashboard. You also receive the translation to your email address.

What additional services can I choose from?

Additional Post-Processing Services currently include Desktop Publishing (PDF), Industry Quality Check, and Third-Party Proofreading.

You’re invited to include any additional contextual files and documents that may aid our translators in making your translation as accurate as possible.

How are my translators assigned?

With all the relevant information in hand, the best-fit translator is assigned based on target language expertise, industry, and contextual understanding.

How do my translators benefit from using TAIAcat?

The TAIAcat is a customized portal which offers our translators the most optimal lexicon for your document. These suggestions are generated from your Translation Memory database (TM) in addition to our Neural Language Networks (NLN).

Once idoms, ambiguities, nuances, and complexities are resolved and the document is translated, we run it through an automated check of all the grammar syntax rules in your target language. In the English language alone, 300 grammar rules are considered. Upon completion, the translator notifies the project manager.

What does my Reviser do?

Our second translator reviews the work of the primary translator to ensure quality and consistency. Any further updates and changes are merged into your translation at this time.

Once the reviewer’s changes are completed, the text is refitted back into the original format per client requirements (if Desktop Publishing service was ordered).

How is my document finalized?

The Project Manager reviews and notes down any potential contextual concerns that you may need to know. Once this review is complete, your translated document now holds the highest standard of quality and is considered complete.

How do I benefit when ordering more translations from TAIA?

When you are fully satisfied with the translation result, we add the newly translated words and phrases to your Translation Memory database to increase the consistency of your future translation orders.

At the same time, you’ll find that your future orders will decrease in cost because we never charge to translate the same word twice. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

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