Live interpretation

Consecutive or simultaneous interpretation

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What's live interpretation?

Interpretation is the process of translating spoken or sign language between speakers of different languages. 

It is divided into simultaneous interpretation and conference or consecutive interpretation

An interpreter is a person who transforms the thought or expression in the source language into an expression with comparable meaning in the target language. 

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter speaks after the speaker finishes his sentence or thought and then translates the whole segment.

During the speakers segment the interpreter listens and takes notes. 

After the speaker stops, the interpreter can deliver the message in the target language.

The interpreter has time to gather his thoughts and deliver an accurate translation.

This kind of interpretation is more suited for smaller groups or events, where a personal touch is required.

TAIA consecutive interpreter

Simultaneous interpretation

The speaker speaks continuously and doesn’t take breaks for interpreters to translate the message into the target language. 

The interpreter has to deliver the message as quickly and understandable as possible.

Ideally the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth, listens to the speaker through earphones and delivers the translation via microphone.

This kind of interpretation saves time, so it’s perfect for conferences or meetings, where a lot of information has to be delivered into the target language.

TAIA Translations live interpretation

Our experienced interpreters will endeavor to convey every semantic element (tone and register), the purpose and impression of the message that the speaker of the source language conveys to the listener of the target language.

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