Audio and Video Transcription

What's a transcription?

Transcribing means converting audio or video content into written form.

Usually we decide for a transcription when we want to present content to a wider public in new ways. The transcribed content gets often translated, too.

A transcription has to be thorough and the translation of the transcribed content has to be done professionally and contain appropriate terms.

TAIA transcription

Which content can be transcribed?

All audio and video content can be transcribed.

That includes:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Video conferences
  • Interviews
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Sessions
  • Webinars
  • etc.


TAIA transcribing video and audio content

Video or audio transcription (all languages)

Pricing for transcribing video or audio content is 0,9 € per minute.

What to do with the transcribed content?

Transcribing audio or video content into a written form can help you in many different ways.

With transcribed content you can reach even more people and get creative while doing that! Your most popular video can be transformed into great content for e-mail marketing, info-graphics or social media; with a transcribed interview or maybe even research notes, you can share information with a wider public; a podcast can quickly become amazing content for a blog post! 

Translate your transcribed content

We can assure a very thorough transcription of your audio / video content. We also offer a translation of your transcription in whichever language in our selection.

Check in our app which languages you can choose from and get an instant quotation at the same time!

TAIA transcribing audio content

Transcription + translation package

Want to translate your already transcribed text? Then TAIA is the right place for you!

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