Professional Proofreading

TAIA professional proofreading

What is professional proofreading?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word proofread as “read (printer’s proofs or other written or printed material) and mark any errors“.

Proofreading is a professional skill, also referred to as text review and is carried out by native speakers.

Proofreaders correct potential grammatical errors and take the stylistics a step further. The goal is to present the translated text as if it was written by a native speaker.

TAIA quality proofreading

Proofreading is the last step before publishing or sharing the translated text. 

Entrust your texts to experienced proofreaders and make sure your text is no less than perfect, before it sees the light of the day.

TAIA professional proofreader

All our proofreaders are distinguished by accuracy, experience and excellent knowledge of grammatical and stylistic rules.

TAIA offers proofreading of various types of texts, such as professional texts, fiction, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, web pages, texts for printing, and other.

Use our proofreading services  to ensure your text is grammatically and terminologically consistent. 

When do I choose proofreading?

  • When your content isn’t written in your first language and you want to sound like a native speaker.
  • You have written a novel, book, eBook or something similar and want to have it proofread before it gets published.
  • Your in-house translators in your company are great, but you want to make sure your text is no less than perfect before it’s shown to the public.
  • You want to publish a journal article, dissertation or term paper and want it to be perfect.

Why choose TAIA?

TAIA experienced translators

Our translators and proofreaders are highly experienced.

TAIA right choice of proofreader

We carefully choose the right proofreader, that already has experience in the vocabulary of your text.

native speaking proofreaders TAIA

Your text will always be proofread by a native speaker of the target language.


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