Looking for quality voice-over?

TAIA helps you find the perfect talent for all your voice-over needs. No matter what your requirement is, we will source the perfect voice that fits your project. Ranging from the girl/boy next door, to classy, smooth and sultry or sophisticated and glamorous to playful, boisterous or even animated; we have you covered for almost every genre of the media industry.

Ideally, voice-overs are a service wherein the voice of an individual is overlaid to accompany any visual material so as to provide context and to enhance communication.

Voice-over services at Taia

Reassuring and warm, rich and velvety, animated or alluring, sophisticated, upbeat or energetic – no matter what your requirement demands, we are sure we have the voice for it!

At TAIA, we go through a streamlined process to understand your requirement, be it a voice-over, dubbing or lip-syncing, and then deliver on it – with nothing but the best.


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Take your video content to the next level with TAIA’s voice-over services!


1) Pre-production

You get in touch with our team who understands your requirement and connects you to the right artist(s) for the job through the selection process.

2) Production

Our artist(s) record with professional, high-end equipment to produce the best quality voice-over for your product.

3) Post-production

We proof-listen to ensure consistency with your requirements and edit the file to suit your needs (add music/sound effects – based on your requirements) for superior output.

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Let’s create some voice-over magic together!