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By using Taia, this company cut out costs with an optimized translation workflow

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Taia Millpledge Veterinary

“I’m extremely happy with the support they provide as well as their outstanding customer service.”

Graham P., Graphic Design Manager @Millpledge Veterinary

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About Millpledge Veterinary

Millpledge Veterinary is an established manufacturer, designer and distributor of veterinary products, including consumables, disposables, nutraceuticals and licensed pharmaceuticals.

With their knowledge and experience, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of veterinary-specific products.

They focus on offering friendly customer service, support and educational initiatives, along with innovative high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of today’s veterinary practices.

Millpledge veterinary cut out costs with an optimized translation workflow

Challenges they faced

  • Quality
    Translation quality is of the utmost importance, since their field demands nothing less than perfection.
  • Time-consuming process
    Ordering and sharing files via email was a very awkward process that took up too much of their time.
  • Post-editing
    After they got back the translated version, they usually still had to take care of the formatting of the document.
Choose the right language service provider

How we helped them

Before using Taia, Graham used to order all translation projects via email. This process was clumsy, without any traceability regarding the project. It also took days before a translator could even start working on the translation.

One of Taia’s representatives introduced our platform to Graham, showing him how easy the translation process can be. 

Our easy-to-use platform enables Graham to upload his document and get a quotation right-away! No more waiting days upon days to get his project started. 

tailor made offer

Benefits they found useful

Formatting stays the same

Upload your document in one of 60+ supported file types and get your translated document back in the same format as you uploaded it.

Delivery date on demand

Pick a date that best suits your timeline. Taia guarantees to deliver your project on time, no matter the date!

Customer support

The Taia team is always ready to help you out with all your enquiries. Our team will help you make the process even easier.


Millpledge Veterinary found a translation partner that always delivers as agreed. Their translation process is now as effective as it gets! 


The whole translation ordering process cuts out unnecessary steps which come along when sharing files via emails. Now they upload their file and get a quotation within minutes! 

With Taia, translations are of the highest quality and are consistent throughout. Only the best translators with relevant experience are assigned to Millpledge’s projects.

Taia document uploader
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Start enjoying the ease of the translation process with Taia and create your free account now!

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