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We are often presented with a text that appears simple and short at a first glance. After we consider sending it to a translator to give us a quotation and the translation delivery date, only to miss their own deadline, we are often tempted to just do it ourselves. “It’s not going to take long, anyway, we think to ourselves, taking on a task we are not qualified for and which is not part of our primary job.

“I can manage a translation!” or “I’m not paying for something I can do myself!” are the most common reservations our business partners share with us.

When we tackle this task ourselves, we often forget that the translation (although simple at a glance) will take up more of our time than initially planned, that we will need to solicit the help of our co-workers in reviewing the text, and that it will temporarily prevent us from performing the tasks that make our company money.

What if we offered you the solution right now?

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The Taia translation platform is the answer! It will quote you the price in less than a minute and give you an accurate translation delivery date. What is more – it is never late!

Taia uses modern translation tools, but in order to ensure QUALITY translations, each translation is checked by three of our co-workers – translation experts. TAIA is also one of the few Slovenian companies with the ISO 17100 certificate.

Because Taia produces translations in a considerably shorter amount of time and makes our translators’ job much easier with state-of-the-art technology, using the TAIA platform is cheaper, faster, and safer!

Frequently asked questions

Translation costs vary, depending on the type of translation you order, field of the document, delivery date and eventually of the provider you select. It’s known that language service providers, that swear by the latest technology, can not only deliver your translations faster, but also in a cost-effective manner, while still maintaining high-quality results.

You can reduce your translation costs by being prepared and knowing which language service provider will guarantee high-quality translations in a time- and cost-effective manner. See our checklist on what you can do to optimise your translation process and ultimately translation costs:

A translator translates on average 2,000 words per day without using any translation tools. But, when using a quality translation tool, a translator can translate somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 words.

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