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Translation companies have seen a great uptake in businesses requiring translation services. From traditional businesses to digital companies, there’s been a surge in the market for translation services. 

Many companies have been using localization and translation services to help them convert business documents, like product manuals, descriptions and guides, from one language to another. Recently, there’s been more businesses getting translation services for marketing and advertising materials, and seeing the value that translation is creating for their business.

Translation Services Platform Making it Easy and Affordable for Your Business

Taia Translation’s platform makes translation for your business easy and affordable. Established in 2015, Taia offers businesses a modern translation platform that combines the latest technology with highly experienced translators. It helps companies translate their content into 97 different languages and 164 different language pairs, simply by uploading and selecting the translation services they need

By incorporating new AI-assisted translation into Taia’s services, users from around the world get access to fast, effective, and high-quality translation services at affordable prices.

Clutch Honors Taia For Impeccable Translation Services

The Taia team has recently been honored by Clutch for impeccable translation services.

Clutch is an established global platform committed to helping small, mid-market and enterprise businesses identify and connect with excellent service providers. 

Being honored by Clutch is a great achievement and shows the hard work and passion the Taia team employs to service clients in the translation service industry.   

What Clients Have to Say About Taia’s Translation Services on Clutch

We were able to add additional clients as a result of offering translation services and we were also able to expand our business and marketing efforts to new countries. They are the fastest when it comes to delivering high-quality service, which is a huge bonus for us.
CEO of 4FUTURE DGT AGENCY d.o.o., Vid Sedej.

We can give them a job and forget about it. We don’t have to worry about anything because we know it’ll be done perfectly. There’s no need for a quality check, and everything is at the high level that we expect. Taia has really helped us out, especially with pressing projects like our e-learning modules. We’ve even pushed deadlines up a bit, and they’ve still been able to accommodate us and deliver the work on time.
Project Manager at International NGO

Translation Services for Your Business

Need translation services for your business? Sign-up to Taia’s platform for free and start translating immediately, or book a demo with the team.

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