Taia vs. Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative.

You don’t want to have just another mediocre business, so maybe it's time for you to switch from generic language service providers and get the full package with Taia. Experience quality translations, and services designed for your specific needs.

the best Gengo alternative
Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 2
Taia is a modern translation platform that combines highly experienced translators with the latest technology. We translate into 97 different languages, helping your business to break down borders. Taia uses the latest advancements in AI and Machine Translation to provide users from around the world with fast, effective, high-quality translation services at affordable prices.
Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 4
Gengo is a translation service providing translation services for companies of any size. You can order cost-efficient translations from professional translators, and individuals and businesses worldwide can order translations from a network of more than 20,000 pre-tested translators, working across 35 languages and all experienced in different industries.

Taia vs. Gengo comparison table

Different language service providers have different features. Find out why Taia is the best Gengo alternative for your Business.

Translation Service
Document translation, legal translation, proofreading
Website and Software localisation, translation for marketing
Audiovisual translation: voice over, subtitling, transcription, interpreting
API integration
ISO 9010 certificate
ISO17100 certificate
Number of languages
AI with translation memory
PM Dashboard
Speed and quality measurement with project performance tracking
Translators highly specialised in specific industries
Document uploader supporting 64 different file types
The TAIA app is easy to use and you get an instant quotation for your translation project. Besides the cost, you instantly know when to expect the translation to be done. You can even accommodate the delivery time to your needs. They have a wide range of translation services from which you can choose. 

Metka B., @Unior

Why Taia is the best Gengo alternative
We offer a wide array of services to help you exceed your business potential.
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Services tailored for your specific needs

Our team of 600 translators, specialised in various industries and services, will help you deliver your message where it matters most, from document translation and legal translation, proofreading, website and software localisation, translation for marketing and many other services.

Taia translations checkboxes
Taia translation

Never miss a deadline of your project

Our easy-to-use PM dashboard will help you and your team maintain a constant overview of the translation process and the price. With our easy-to-follow project progression tracking, price projections and quality measurements, you will deliver all of your projects on time without worrying about any hidden costs.

Taia translation
Taia translations global

Make your internal translation process better and more efficient

Taia can be the right fit for you, even if you do the translation process internally. We offer Catapult, through which you can translate your texts with the help of machine translation and smart translation memories, without the need for translation agencies.

Taia translations global
Taia translations file handling

Easy file handling

We support 64 different file types that can be easily dragged and dropped into our application. From receiving the file to finishing a project, all your files stay secure in our app, waiting for you to collect them. This prevents data leakage and keeps your files safe and sound.

Taia translations file handling

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Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 12
Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 14
Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 16
Taia vs Gengo: Discover the best Gengo alternative. 18

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“In our company, due to the dynamics of work, we often need fast translation services. Taia has always arranged affordable translations of documents as well as court translations quickly, with high quality. The ordering process is simple, as it takes place through their platform, where you submit your document, monitor its progress and completion. Their staff is always available for help and advice.
I warmly recommend to anyone who has not yet chosen their language service provider to opt for Taia and test their professionalism. 

Urška Stresen, Business Assistant @MDM d.o.o.

Frequently asked questions

ISO 17100 is the standard used in the translation industry. It defines the criteria and good practices for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. This includes provisions in the field of human, as well as technological, resources. The ISO standard also dictates that the translation process must consist of at least two steps such as translation as step 1, and revision as step 2.

Taia supports translation into 97 languages, and among these, it covers 164 language pairs. Behind every translation, there is a certified and experienced translator that went through a complete onboarding process and successfully demonstrated that their knowledge and skills met our criteria.

Website translation means your original content is more or less directly translated into the target language. Website localisation means your message is both translated and additionally adjusted to local language specifics. When considering cultural characteristics, localisation will often perform better than just plain translation since it can be perceived as more authentic and natural..