Taia vs Unbabel: Discover the best Unbabel alternative

Switch from Unbabel to Taia to experience all your translation solutions under one roof. We offer high-quality translation solutions designed exclusively for you. Read on to find out why Taia is the best Unbabel alternative on the market today.

The best Unbabel alternative
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Taia combines AI with experienced translators for fast, efficient, high-quality translations for a modern translation platform that helps companies translate into 97 different languages. Backed by the latest advancements in AI, translation memory and machine translation, Taia is the most advanced language service provider on the planet.
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Unbabel is an AI-powered language service platform that helps companies interact with customers in 27 different languages. Unbabel uses AI with human editors to achieve better and faster translations. The platform provides large-scale language support and enterprises can boost their customer service wherever they are in the world.

Comparing Taia and Unbabel

Unbabel provides you with language support to boost your customer service. But Taia is much more than that. With a broad range of translation services to address all your translation needs, Taia is your best Unbabel alternative.

Our experience with Taia is excellent. We love that you always listen to us, respect our wishes, and that you are available to us when in a hurry. We are most pleased to finally work with a precise and consistent partner who, even in the case of demanding vocabulary, always delivers quality translations to which we have no comment.

Ina Zupanc, Assistant @Salonit Anhovo
Why Taia is the best Unbabel alternative
We offer a wide array of services to help you exceed your business potential.
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Services tailored to your specific needs

Our tailor-made translation solutions will help you conquer all your specific translation challenges, from document translation and legal translation to proofreading and website and software translation. Our team of professional translators helps you do it all.

Address your potential audience in their native language and increase your global exposure. Our team of experienced translators will help you every step of the way.

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Quality Assurance

We believe the customer is king. This is why we have developed a rigorous quality assurance program. Our 99% on-time delivery and 0.63% complaint rate speaks for itself.

All translations are prepared in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards. All our language specialists have 5+ years of proven industry-specific experience. All our translators are carefully selected and have to go through our rigorous onboarding process.

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Choose from 164 language pairs

Because our mission is to help you break down language barriers, we pay attention to every single language in the world. That is also why we are constantly adding more languages to our repertoire. We translate between 164 language pairs and translate into 97 different target languages.
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Boost your internal translation process

Are you producing multilingual content in-house? We have a solution to make your process faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Introducing Catapult, a modern CAT tool designed for in-house translation teams. Catapult will help you translate your content faster, better, and safer.

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We’ve been working with Taia for many years now. During this time we established a very pleasant business relationship. We can describe their work as: fast, reliable, very professional and high quality. They listen to their customers needs and always deliver as expected.

Aleša Mikuš, Product EHS&R Leader @3M

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the best Unbabel alternatives for companies, developers, and pro translators that need software features for translation purposes are:

  • Catapult
  • Lokalise
  • Phrase
  • Smartling
  • DeepL
  • Google Translate
  • SDL
Unbabel pays by the hour, and its hourly rate ranges from 8 USD to 18 USD. The hourly rate depends on your efficiency and how you manage your translation tasks. Your pay also depends on the scope of projects and the demand for your specific language pair.
Spanish is the language with the highest demand for translation. There are more Spanish-speaking countries than any other language in the world. Spanish is officially spoken on four different continents and in 20 different countries. Another reason why Spanish is in high demand is geography. The United States is the largest economy in the world, borders one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries, and lies just north of the highest concentration of Spanish-speaking countries in the world.
ISO 17100:2015 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for delivering quality translation services that meet applicable specifications. The five specific competencies outlined by the ISO certification are translation competence, linguistic and textual competence in the source and target languages, competence in research and processing, and cultural, technical, and domain-based competence.
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