TextMaster vs. Unbabel: Which language service provider to choose in 2021?

Customers spend more on websites in their native language. This is why all the big E-Commerce companies are putting a lot of focus on localization. Read our detailed research on TextMaster vs. Unbabel comparison and find the right fit for you and your business aspirations.

TextMaster vs Unbabel
TextMaster is a translation service that successfully combines the power of technological innovation with the precision of human expertise. With its network of expert translators, technology, and a broad range of services, TextMaster enables companies to translate their content in over 50 languages across different areas of expertise.
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Unbabel is an AI-powered language operations platform that helps businesses easily interact with customers through 27 different languages. Unbabel combines AI with human editors for fast, efficient, high-quality translations. It enables consistent multilingual support, so enterprises can boost their customer service in every corner of the world.

TextMaster vs. Unbabel comparison table

Not all translation services are created equal. Find out what sets TextMaster apart from Unbabel.

Translation Service
Document translation, legal translation, API integration
Website and Software Localization, marketing translation
Interpretation and transcription
Audiovisual Translation: Voice over, dubbing and subtitles
$0.088-$0.176 / word
$110-$990 / month
ISO 9010:2015
ISO 17100:2015
Number of languages
AI with translation memory
PM Dashboard
Speed and quality measurement with project performance tracking
Translators highly specialised in specific industries
Translating the most in-demand Asian language

Room for improvement

As a business operating in an extremely competitive industry, more often than not you will need services that are tailored to your own specific needs. Let us explore some of the key features that are missing, and that would be valuable for your business.
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Translation Quality Assurance

There is no room for error when it comes to international business strategies. If you want to be bulletproof and know that your translation will meet the desired criteria, ISO standards should be the norm when selecting the right translation service provider.

Unfortunately, neither TextMaster nor Unbabel have an ISO 17100:2015 certification.

If you want an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, you should consider Taia as your third option.
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Lack of translation services

Both TextMaster and Unbabel have a lot of room for improvement in relation to this topic. While TextMaster covers a broader spectrum of translation services, they both lack in interpreting, transcription and audiovisual translation services.

In today’s world, where video/audio advertising plays such a big role, this can quite quickly become a deal-breaker. If you need a specific service that TextMaster and Unbabel don’t offer, Taia can help you out.

We offer plenty of different services for you to choose from, with options for multiple industries. Check out our website localization, proofreading and other services.
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Poor choice of language pairs

TextMaster and Unbabel translate in 50 and 27 languages, respectively – not a lot considering that we are talking about the translation industry. Unbabel translates solely from English, and Textmaster focuses mainly just on European languages.

When languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian and Indonesian are left out, the market shrinks by billions of potential customers. More obscure language pairs will often bring even more value than the traditional ones, since they are usually spoken by nations where speaking English is not the norm, unlike in the western world.

We are proud to say that we have a team of 600 professional translators, translating in 97 languages, including languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian…

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Both Unbabel and TextMaster offer a broad range of high-quality services that can boost your company’s performance, but neither one of them offers a solution for everything.

TextMaster offers a broader range of language pairs and services, including website and software localization, marketing translation and proofreading. The company is ISO 9010 certified, which means that you can expect top quality and professional performance from their team.

Unbabel, on the other hand, emphasises its focus on customer service integration and automated services, which makes talking to your international customers as easy as pie. Unbabel is definitely the right choice if you are looking for a convenient way to connect with your global customers.

In conclusion, when making a TextMaster vs. Unbabel comparison, it all comes down to your business needs, your budget, and the key features that matter most to you.
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Frequently asked questions

Unbabel for customer service supports the following integrations: Salesforce Knowledge Base, Salesforce Live Agent, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk support, Zendesk Guide, Zendesk Chat, Freshdesk Ticketing, Intercom Chat, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Genesys Purecloud, Helpshift, Wix Answers and Zoho Desk. It also provides a flexible API for other existing workflows.

Unbabel does not have a set price, but uses a customisable subscription pricing model that is adjusted to every customer’s specific needs as well as their workload and workflow. Pricing is selected through their sales team.

Gengo has quite a flexible price, ranging from $0.06 per word for standard translation to $0.12 per word for advanced translation. Standard translation is best suited to casual content such as social media posts, emails, reviews, and internal communications. Advanced translation is best suited for content that requires a high level of accuracy.

TextMaster allows its translators to choose just one mother tongue to preserve the best translation quality possible. Although some translators have multilingual backgrounds, TextMasters requires them to choose the language that they feel the most comfortable writing and translating into.

Creating multilingual SEO will help search engines such as Google understand which languages your pages are in, and which ones should be targeted at specific people. Research shows that people trust and spend more time on websites in their local language.