TextMaster vs. Gengo: Which language service provider to choose in 2021?

Choosing the right language service provider that will best suit your needs can be confusing, especially when everyone claims to be the best in the game. A deep dive into TextMaster vs. Gengo comparison will help you make the best decision.

TextMaster vs. Gengo
TextMaster is a translation service that successfully combines the power of technological innovation with the precision of human expertise. With its network of expert translators, technology, and a broad range of services, TextMaster enables companies to translate their content in over 50 languages.
TextMaster vs. Gengo 3
Gengo is a high-quality translation service providing translation services for companies of any size. You can order cost-efficient translations from professional translators. Individuals and businesses worldwide can order translations from a network of more than 20,000 translators, working across 35 languages.

TextMaster vs. Gengo comparison table

Not all translation services are created equal. Find out what sets TextMaster apart from Gengo.

Translation Service
Classic translation services: documents, legal, proofreading
Website and Software Localization, API integration
Translation for marketing
Audiovisual Translation: voice over, dubbing, subtitles
Pricing /word
ISO 9010 certificate
ISO17100 certificate
Number of languages
AI with translation memory
PM Dashboard
Speed and quality measurement with project performance tracking
Translators highly specialised in specific industries
Document uploader supporting 64 different file types

Room for improvement

While Gengo and TextMaster offer a wide array of services, there is always room for improvement. Businesses often need services that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

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Translation Quality Assurance

There is no room for error when it comes to international business strategy. If you want to be bulletproof and know that your translation will meet the desired criteria, ISO standards should be the norm when selecting the right translation service provider. Unfortunately, neither Gengo nor TextMaster have an ISO 17100 certification.

If you want an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, you should consider Taia as your third option.
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Taia translations file handling

Easy file handling

When trying to meet all your project deadlines, the last thing you want to spend your time on is converting files into the right format. Gengo and TextMaster both support the most common file types but their services are by no means as comprehensive as Taia’s, which supports more than 64 different file types, so you can put your time into more important things and not waste your time formatting files.
Taia translations file handling
Taia translation audiovisual

Meeting audiovisual translation needs

Gengo and TextMaster both cover a wide variety of translation services; however, if you need audiovisual translation, you are out of luck. In today’s world, where video/audio advertising plays such a big role, this can quite quickly become a deal breaker. In the event that you need help with these services, we can assist, with translators specialised in voice overs, transcription and many more.
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Taia translations global

From languages high in demand to those lesser known

Gengo and TextMaster translate in 54 and 50 languages respectively, so there is definitely big room for improvement in this area, especially since emerging markets are becoming more and more important to the global economy.

The ability to translate into the more obscure languages will be one of the key advantages in the future.

We are proud to say that we have a team of 600 professional translators, translating in 97 languages, including languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian…

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Both Gengo and TextMaster offer a broad range of high-quality services that can boost your company’s performance, but neither one of them offers a solution for everything.

TextMaster will allow you to have an overview of all your projects with their easy-to-use PM dashboard, offering speed and quality measurement with project performance tracking. TextMaster is ISO 9010 certified, which means that you can expect top quality and professional performance from their team.

Gengo, on the other hand, has not obtained ISO 9010 certification but can translate into more languages and also offers an additional service – Transcription. It is also a more affordable option since its pricing is much more flexible and budget-friendly.

In conclusion, when making a Gengo vs. TextMaster comparison, it all comes down to your business needs, your budget, and the key features that matter most to you.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Gengo offers website and app localization. Its localization services make it easy for businesses of different industries and sizes to enter international markets quickly. Gengo provides custom-tailored translation solutions to localize your content quickly and easily for global markets.

TextMaster is a bit more on the expensive side compared to Gengo and offers 3 levels of service. The standard translation price is $0.088 per word and is suitable for simple translations without any specific terminology. The price of the enterprise level is $0.132 per word, and this service is suitable for general digital and ecommerce translation projects. Expert level starts at $0.176 per word and is most suited to specialised translation projects.

Gengo has quite a flexible price, ranging from $0.06 per word for standard translation to $0.12 per word for advanced translation. Standard translation is best suited to casual content such as social media posts, emails, reviews, and internal communications. Advanced translation is best suited for content that requires a high level of accuracy.

Gengo does use AI with translation memory, which can be very beneficial for companies with highly repetitive content. Gengo’s TM system provides a collaborative environment for their translators to take advantage of each other’s knowledge and add value to a company’s existing corpus of translations.

TextMaster provides translations in 50 different languages, among which the most popular are Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. Although TextMaster is more focused on European languages, they also translate Hindi, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.