Vendor Manager

The Vendor Manager will work alongside Project Management, supporting with the recruitment of freelancers, and these positions will typically be for translators, proofreaders, coders, and transcribers and all for a variety of language combinations.


What skills & qualifications are needed for this role?

Benefits of working for Taia Translations:

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Why would you want to become a part of our team?

We are a tight-knit, young and vibrant team. We believe that our company culture of putting people first is our greatest advantage. We strive to create environments in which all employees can find a sense of belonging. 

Everybody in our company is treated equally, there is no hierarchy and every idea has merit – it doesn’t matter if it comes from an intern or our CEO. 

We are driven, we believe in our product and we are always ready to go that extra mile to make our clients and vendors happy. 

We also strongly believe that work should be fun and we aim to support each other no matter what. Would you like to learn what our employees have said about our culture? 

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