Sales Development Representative

Welcome to Taia, where our mission is to make localization easier for everyone – individuals, translators, and companies.
We believe that our solution can completely change the way companies reach their global audience.

Our ambitious goals include expanding to new global markets. To achieve this, we need a team of dedicated and creative individuals, who don’t shy away from the challenges brought on by the dynamic international landscape. 

With all that in mind, we are looking for a first-line warrior – our new Sales Development Representative – to help us conquer our new and existing markets!


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We are a tight-knit young, and vibrant team. We believe our culture is our greatest advantage. We strive to create environments in which all employees feel included and a part of our community. Everybody in our company is equal, there is no hierarchy and every idea has the same merit – it doesn’t matter if it comes from an intern or our CEO. We are strong believers, that work also needs to be fun and we are not just co-workers but also friends. Would you like to learn what our employees have said about our culture?

Fill out this form and join our team as our new Sales Development Representative:

Matija Kovac

Founder and CEO

Hey there, I’m looking forward  to welcoming you on board!

My name is Matija, and I’ll be working closely with you to help you achieve your true potential with our team.

Connect with me on LI to ask anything you’d like to know about this position!