The truth about machine translations: four myths dispelled

If you’ve ever wondered what machine translations are, you’ve probably searched the internet for an explanation. You may have encountered some myths, among other things, so some of these will be discussed below.
myths about machine translation

MYTH no. 1: Machine translations are full of errors.

When asked what machine translation is, most people first think of Google translate, as it is also the most well-known machine translator. At the beginning of its operation, Google translate made people laugh, but at the same time many were outraged by it. With its inadequate or even incorrect translations, it opened the field of mistrust in machine translations and led to the thought that the texts translated by the machine would never be perfect.

Since then, Google translate has improved – today’s translations provided by machine translators are surprising in their quality. However, Google translate is not the only machine translator, and many machine translators are incomparably better than Google’s – such as Taia Translations! With its own translation technology, Taia delivers fast and quality translations that many translation agencies cannot provide.

MYTH no. 2: Human translations are always better than machine translations.

Even the best translators can make a mistake, no one is perfect.

Machine translations are improving day by day. In some respects, they can be even better, being more consistent and learning from a given database all the time.

But not all translators learn from their own quality database – Taia does! The Taia translation platform is built by a strong team of expert translators from whom the machine translator learns. Thus, Taia is getting better with each translation.

traditional translator at work

MYTH no. 3: Machine translations will replace translators.

Machine translations are getting better and more accurate. There is a good chance that machine translations will dominate the translation world, but will never completely replace professional translators.

Machine translators are still learning from professional translators – without translators, machine translators cannot provide quality translations!

However, there are some areas where machine translators certainly cannot replace professional translators. Good marketing texts (e.g. advertisements) and literary texts are of better quality when they are done by professional translators.

MYTH no. 4: We can only choose between machine translation and human translators.

machine translation with artificial intelligence

Especially in this area, Taia successfully dispels this myth, as the collaboration of machine translators and human translators goes hand in hand. So Taia can provide quality and fast translations!

The Taia translation platform combines all the benefits of machine translation, backed up by the expertise of professional translators. Due to the automated workflow, the translation is completed quickly, but the quality does not suffer, as each translation is carefully reviewed by an experienced translator.

We strive for perfect translations, so we have developed our own technology that is controlled only by the best experts. We also always listen to our clients as their wishes are an additional opportunity to improve our machine translator.

''Our experience with Taia is excellent. We love that you always listen to us, respect our wishes, and that you are available to us when in a hurry. We are most pleased to finally work with a precise and consistent partner who, even in the case of demanding vocabulary, always delivers quality translations to which we have no comment."
Ina Zupanc
Salonit Anhovo

You can also see for yourself the quality of the machine translations combined with the expertise of the professional translators and artificial intelligence provided by Taia!

Frequently asked questions

Machine translation translates with help of software, which is converting the text from one language to another. Today we know a few different types of machine translators, which are supported by different technology.

Being scared of machine translators replacing human translators is unnecessary. Without professional translators, a machine translator wouldn’t be able to further improve. Machine translators won’t ever be able to match human intelligence.

The quality and accuracy of a machine translation depends on the type of text. Some texts are translated very accurately, while others need extra attention from professional translators to ensure a translated text of the highest quality.

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