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How do we professionally translate your documents?

What is translation?

Text translation is the process of transferring meaning from the source language to the target language, which includes the transfer of linguistic and cultural characteristics. It is important that the culture-dependent connotations of specific words are retained in the process of translation. It is therefore key for the translator to be aware of the differences between the source and target languages to ensure an accurate and clear translation. At TAIA, we translate all kinds of documents from various fields.

Above all,we specialize in the translation of:

  • annual reports,
  • technical texts and catalogs,
  • legal texts,
  • medical texts,
  • marketing texts.



After you have registered, upload the document, select the language you are translating from and the language into which you want to translate the document

and place the order.

Our advantages are that we offer translations in more than 95 world languages and work exclusively with certified and qualified translators, which is why we can provide the highest quality translation services at competitive prices. Save time by working with us, as we are able to translate up to 10 source pages in 48 hours. We offer text translations from various professional disciplines, such as: economics, medicine, computer science, law, mechanical engineering, tourism, science, marketing.

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    How do we translate your documents?

    Take a look at the five steps our team takes to produce a flawless translation

    Document Analysis and Making an Offer

    To get the translation project started, please send us your text or the document to be translated first. You can upload the order through the TAIA application, but you can also send it by email, deliver it in person, or send it by regular mail. Using modern translation software, we then conduct a detailed analysis of the documents. Depending on the repetitions in the text, subject matter, and the deadline, you will then receive the final quotation for the translation of the documents, which will also include discounts.


    As soon as we receive the order confirmation, our team assigns the translation project to the best-suited translators and proofreaders for the job using the TAIA application.

    The translation process starts within an hour of the order confirmation!


    The translation is done by the translator with the most experience in the subject-matter of the source text who guarantees that you will receive the translation on time.

    We also offer regular satisfied customers the option of choosing the same translators for all of their projects. The state-of-the-art translation tool inbuilt in the TAIA application prevents the possibility of errors in the translated text.

    Proofreading and review

    When the translation team finishes translating the documents, proofreading of the text is done. The proofreader is also selected based on their experience in proofreading similar texts. The translation process ends with a quality check (revision or review) of the translation. When dealing with complex translations, the reviser consults with the translator, proofreader, and you – the client, to ensure the highest quality.

    Submission of the proofread text

    After the proofreading has been completed, the text with visible corrections and a clean copy will be delivered to you via the TAIA system or via email.

    TAIA is ISO 17100:2015 Certified

    We are very proud of our ISO 17100: 2015 ISO Standardized Translation Certification, which we obtained in 2019.

    ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resources and the quality of service. It also outlines the best practices for translation companies in order for them to ensure communication between clients and the translator for all completed tasks.

    Certification Requirements
    Translator Competency

    All TAIA translators demonstrate the five specific competences outlined by the ISO standard: translation competence, linguistic and textual competence in source and target languages, competence in research and processing, cultural competences, technical competences, and domain competence.

    Translator Qualifications

    All TAIA translators have a certificate of competence and five years of documented professional experience. Similarly, all translators and revisers have sufficient knowledge in the field of the texts they translate.

    Minimum Standards

    All translations are subject to revision by a reviser.

    Communication between the client and TAIA

    We put emphasis on effective communication with you to ensure that the translation meets quality standards. This means that we work with you to understand the relevant requirements, including the quality of the target text, and its characteristics. We come to an agreement with you on the style of the translation that is required before translation begins.

    Feedback Process

    TAIA uses a client feedback process to better understand how satisfied you were with the work we have done because our goal is to always keep improving!

    Data Protection

    ISO 17100 states that data protection requirements must be met. TAIA protects your data with integrity. Read our privacy policy here.

    TAIA’s In-House Translators

    Some of our best and brightest.

    Janik Bačič

    Janik Bačič

    Expert in English, Slovenian and German.

    Svetlana Garic

    Svetlana Garic

    Expert in English, German, Macedonian, Serbian and South-Balkan languages.

    Deja Hrovatin

    Deja Hrovatin

    Expert in English, Italian, and Slovene

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