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Why this pharmaceutical company chose us instead of the biggest player on the market

  • Content type: Product descriptions
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Company size: Medium-sized enterprise
Medis translating with Catapult

“The Catapult translation tool significantly speeds up my translation process and makes it easier. It is very user-friendly and clearly structured. It truly lives up to its name – it catapults you towards better, faster and high-quality translations.”

Tina L., Translator & Proofreader @Medis

About Medis

Medis is the commercialization partner of choice for innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking business growth in Central and Eastern Europe.

Since their beginnings in 1989, they have been specializing in the commercialization of innovative pharmaceuticals, with a focus on specialty medicines, medical devices and self-care brands.

Being present in 15+ European markets means coordinating translations in just as many languages, so they needed a simple solution that would help with their in-house translation demands.

Scientist in his work environment

Challenges they faced

  • Time-consuming process
    While translating documents in-house, they often had to look through old translations to find a certain phrase they couldn’t remember at that moment.
  • Finding an easy-to-use translation tool
    They previously tried another translation tool, but weren’t satisfied with the interface as it was too complex and therefore didn’t help them to translate.
  • Large quantities of content for translation
    The amount of documents in need of translation is growing year on year. That’s why Medis employs two translators, who need a reliable solution to help them with their translation workflow.
translation vs transcreation

How we helped them

During the introduction phase, one of Taia’s representatives guided their translators, Tina and Mila, around the interface, helping  them to optimize their translation process.

They only needed one onboarding session to be ready to translate on their own. They found Catapult very intuitive and easy to use.

During their 14-day trial, they already noticed a big improvement in the consistency of their translations, and they shortened their translation time by 30%.

translation tool

Catapult benefits they found useful

Easy-to-use interface

An intuitive interface that’s easy to use! This, combined with Taia’s short onboarding process, means you can start translating more effectively straight away. 

Translation memory

A technology that “remembers your previous translations and stores them” within your private database. The more you translate, the more accurate the suggestions are.

Formatting stays the same

Upload your document in one of 60+ supported file types and get your translated document back in the same format as you uploaded it.


Tina and Mila translate all kinds of documents in Catapult every day, bar some short snippets of text which they still prefer to translate on the go.

  • They can see that they’re already saving 30% of their time translating.
  • They find translation memory suggestions very accurate.
  • Mila and Tina started translating in Catapult right after the first presentation.
Translation solutions designed just for you
Taia document uploader

Start using Catapult right-away and optimize your translation process!

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