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How Taia Helps Best Secret Translate Surveys 2x Faster Than Competitors

  • Content type: Customer surveys
  • Industry: E-commerce, Fashion
  • Company size: Large enterprise
How Taia Helps Best Secret Translate Surveys 2x Faster Than Competitors

About Best Secret

Best Secret is a members-only online fashion store that gives its members access to over 3,000 designer brands, with up to 80% off for men, women and children.

Since their founding 95 years ago, a lot has happened: what began as a wholesale operation has developed into an international digitized fashion company that ships to 26 countries and gives members access to a unique range of products.

With headquarters located in Aschheim, Best Secret has over 1,600 talented and passionate employees from over 70 countries, all working towards the same vision for their stores and online shop.

Looking for solutions to translate surveys 2x faster


One of the biggest issues for Best Secret when it came to translation projects was the lack of speed. They knew from working with previous companies that translation projects took a long time to complete. Lots of email communication between the client and agencies slowed projects down, meaning it could be days before a project was even launched.

On top of this, it was difficult to check the quality of the translations being sent back – how were they supposed to know if the translations were accurate and correct, especially seeing as the smallest change in wording can affect the whole meaning. For some languages, it may be possible. But certainly not for all.

They knew that a faster translation process – as well as ensuring they could trust the quality and accuracy of the translations being delivered – would be key to ensuring they could meet their timelines without any problems or delays.

Taia Quality Guarantee

The Solution

Best Secret had been working with Taia since 2019, but wanted to take their project delivery to the next level. This led them to Taia’s online localization platform, which makes ordering professional, high-quality translations as easy as ordering a cup of coffee!

No more time-wasting – Taia completely removes the need for email communication during the order process. This means that Best Secret can set their translation preferences in just a few clicks and get a quote back in less than a minute.

Guaranteed high-quality – With over 1600+ top native-speaking translators, and two ISO certifications that guarantee only the highest quality translations, Best Secret could relax and trust that our translations are 100% correct.

Team management – Best Secret currently has multiple team members using the platform. By allowing multiple users, it makes it easier for everyone to collaborate, oversee projects in one place, and manage their own workloads.

Project process tracker in the Taia app

The Results

Best Secret had been working with us since 2019, but ordered their projects via email. That’s until we showed them how much time and effort they could save by using our online localization platform. 

Since switching exclusively to our platform in May 2021, they have been getting their translation orders back much faster than before. While translation projects could take up to a week to be completed before, now it takes just 2-4 days.

Taia also helps Best Secret increase its day-to-day efficiency. They no longer waste time writing down translation requirements in emails or going through a single team member to request the orders they need. All they need to do is upload a file directly to the platform, set the translation preferences they want, and get an instant quote there and then.

All in all, Taia has helped Best Secret streamline its order process and get its translations back faster than ever before.

Professional translations in the Taia platform
All projects in one place

Want to get your translations back 2x faster?

Let us show you how our platform combines speed, quality and simplicity to get you the translations you need back faster than any agency you’ll ever work with.

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