Services and Pricing

Save Costs with our Advanced Automation for Translation Workflows

Professional Translation

Automated Syntax Check paired with Qualified Human Translators.

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and 88 more languages at your fingertips.

Skilled Proofreading

Professional proofreader making sure your text is impeccable.

Our skilled proofreaders examine your text and root out grammar, syntax, grammar, typos, and other unintentional connotation to make sure your document is optimized and ready to use.

Live Interpretation

Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation.

Our interpreters have social and linguistic finesse to ensure your small business meeting or large conference events are facilitated professionally in two more languages – even over video conferences!

Court translations

Official translations that can be used as an original, as they are legaly valid.

Our court certified translators translate all legal documents, including contracts, annual reports, identity documents, medical documents, school certificates and many others.

Subtitles and dubbing

Experienced translators taking care of your video content.

Only the best and the most experienced translators can deliver high quality dubbing and subtitle translation, as they always have to follow a set of rules.


Converting audio or video content into written form.

Present your audio or video recording to a wider public in new ways with transcribing your content.

Take on our transcription + translation offer and present your content to a wider public!

How We Calculate Price

Never pay for repeated translations

We don’t believe in double charging. If you’ve already translated specific words or phrases with us, the cost of these words will be discounted from your price quotation.

When you upload your document, our TAIA Dashboard performs an instant analysis of how many words it has, and how many words match what we already have in your translation memory (TM) database.

The more you translate with us, the lower your translation costs per document!

decreasing price chart

Automation = Lower Cost of Human Labour

Work Smarter, Not Harder is our mantra. 

With recent technological progress in neural language networks and related translation solutions, we want to lead the revolution in translation workflows. 

Combining the best neural language networks with a powerful custom-built Translation Memory for every client allows us to leverage technology and decrease the cost of human labor involved in the traditional translation process. 

Best of all, we offer two tiers of service: machine translation with light editing or machine-assisted translation with post-editing by two certified translators.

automation technology

Pay only for the services that you need

With TAIA’s innovative Dashboard, you have the freedom to add additional review services or post-processing options with the click of a button. Our multiple sliders give you the option to see immediately how much each service will cost.

Not in a rush for your document to be translated? No worries! You’ll receive an additional discount on your translation order if you choose a more relaxed delivery deadline.

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TAIA gives you the exact price estimate for your project in seconds!

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