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One of the most popular services we offer is machine translation with a light review from our professional translators.

Sometimes, getting your text translated fast might be more important to you than the quality and perfection of the translation. We understand that.

Even though we are normally all about quality and impeccable service, we know you sometimes need something light and fast. That’s where Machine translation with Light review (MT+LR) comes into play.

Time and cost saving translations!

MT + light review quick translations TAIA

Extremely quick translation delivery time.

TAIA machine translation light review low price

Surprisingly low translation costs.

When to choose Machine translation with Light review?

  • When time and price are more important to you than quality.
  • For urgent emails, unplanned document translations and similar.
  • For texts that will not be published as your main brand presentation.
  • For large quantities of content, like translations of e-commerce product descriptions, that don’t have to be perfectly translated.

MT + LR is perfect for:

TAIA machine translation with light review suitable for students

Students or research groups who need a fast glimpse into literature, but can’t afford a full translation and don’t trust machine translation only.

TAIA e-commerce localization and translation

E-commerce and similar businesses, with large portfolios of products.

TAIA documents translation

Companies that need large quantities of text translated fast – for example internal company documentation and paperwork.

Machine Translation + Light Review Process:

guarantee check icon

File is automatically analyzed and processed.

TAIA machine translation neural network

Neural machine translation is performed.

TAIA light review done by professional translator

A human translator fixes the most obvious mistakes in the document.

Order MT + LR services in just a couple clicks with TAIA

Integrate with our API

You can integrate your software using our API integration and order fast translation services, including Machine translation + Light review, directly from you app.

Read more about our API integration solution right here:

Integrate machine translation and light review with TAIA API


Machine Translation + Light Review low price

Machine translation + Light review is normally about half the price of a professional translation with revision – making it very price effective.

So if you are looking for cheap translations, this is the right service for you.

But don’t forget, everything has it’s price, so don’t expect the same level of quality as with professional translation services.

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