Dubbing and Subtitles

How we take care of video content


The word “dubbing” denotes inserting audio into video content, with audio and video being in sync or synchronized. 

Dubbing first appeared with the development of film, where sound was recorded separately from the video and subsequently inserted into it. 

Today, it is mainly used in animations, movies and advertising messages.

When spreading to foreign markets, many companies produce video content. It is very important that the speech in the video matches the language of the target country. 

This will give you the best response from your business partners and customers.

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The dubbing process

The original spoken text must be obtained before recording begins. If it does not exist in writing, the text needs to be transcribed from the audio file first. 

The translation is made before the recording begins. A good translation is crucial for successful dubbing. 

The translation should be at least an approximation of the original, taking into account the cultural and social characteristics of the country for which the video is intended. 

Therefore, we recommend you leave the translation to experts who guarantee that the translation will be done by a native speaker.

We realize that dubbing is a difficult process, so we are here to help you by offering you a complete dubbing solution. 

We arrange everything for you: from the translation, vocal recording, choosing the right speaker and the production.

Our experienced translators will take great care of you video content!

Subtitle translation

Subtitle translation is different from other types of translation. The space and time constraints require a strict adherence to the rules:

  • the number of lines (up to two lines) and characters,
  • subtitle length (limited by dialogue length),
  • the pause between subtitles,
  • punctuation and font, etc.

The way words appear on screens is very important for easy readability. 

We pay special attention to the proper shortening and adaptation of texts.

TAIA translating subtitles

Which types of subtitles does TAIA offer?

We offer subtitle translations for various video materials:

  • films
  • television series
  • documentaries
  • promotional videos (on Youtube, Vimeo…), etc.

To do this, we use the latest programs that allow us to export to selected formats.

Expertise and especially a good feel for the language, which a professional translator always provides, are key.

Using TAIA, we translate subtitles into more than 100 languages, and our subtitles can be seen on many television channels and in online videos.

We translate a wide variety of content ranging from documentaries, reality shows, various films, sequels, talk shows, and lectures to sports shows and company presentations.

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