Court and Certified Translations

TAIA certified translations

What is a court translation?

A court-certified translation is an official translation and is therefore legally valid, so it can be used as an original. 

On the TAIA platform, court translations are provided by court translators who have been appointed as permanent court interpreters by the Ministry of Justice. 

A court translation consists of the source text and its translation into the target language. At the end, the court interpreter provides a statement, stamp and signature guaranteeing that the translation corresponds to the original.

The following documents usually need a court certified translation:

  • contracts,
  • business documents,
  • annual reports,
  • identity documents,
  • medical certificates,
  • school certificates,
  • diplomas,
  • work permits,

Court certified translations require the original document or a notarized copy. The original is later bound together with the translation, which must be stamped with the official seal of the court certified translator. The back of the document must contain the translators declaration with the date of the translation and their signature. 

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