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How we perform high-quality translations

Introducing TAIA

It’s in TAIA’s DNA to adapt the most current technologies available to ensure efficiency, consistency, and accuracy.

In fact, our ISO-certified translation process was designed to be simple yet effective in providing the most comprehensive review of your text.

Our six-step process treats your document with the utmost care to ensure confidentiality and your confidence. 

Read below and see how we take care of translating your document no matter how big or small, from beginning to end through our quality assurance process.

Our Six-Step Quality Assurance process

Document Analysis

When we receive your document, it is automatically and instantly analysed by our TAIA Dashboard for textual length. You get the opportunity to add on post-processing services and select your delivery deadline here.

What additional services can I choose from?

Additional Post-Processing Services currently include Desktop Publishing (PDF), Industry Quality Check, and Third-Party Proofreading.

You’re invited to include any additional contextual files and documents that may aid our translators in making your translation as accurate as possible.

Project Management

Our Project Manager reviews your submission, selects the appropriate translation memory (TM) and assigns the most suitable translator to your document.

How are my translators assigned?

With all the relevant information in hand, the best-fit translator is assigned based on target language expertise, industry, and contextual understanding.

Learn more about what Translation Memory can do for you.

Professional Translation

Our professional translator receives your document through an optimized TAIA Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) portal, reviews intelligent vocabulary recommendations, and proceeds to conduct the first version of your translation.

How do my translators benefit from using TAIA CAT?

The TAIA CAT is a customized portal which offers our translators the most optimal lexicon for your document. These suggestions are generated from your Translation Memory database (TM) in addition to our Neural Language Networks (NLN).

Once idoms, ambiguities, nuances, and complexities are resolved and the document is translated, we run it through an automated check of all the grammar syntax rules in your target language. In the English language alone, 300 grammar rules are considered. Upon completion, the translator notifies the project manager.

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Translation Review

We aim for the highest quality in all of our translations. This is why every translation is seen by a second pair of trained eyes – your dedicated revisioner. Your revisioner is an equally qualified and impartial translator assigned by your project manager.

What does my Revisioner do?

Our second translator reviews the work of the primary translator to ensure quality and consistency. Any further updates and changes are merged into your translation at this time.

Once the reviewer’s changes are completed, the text is refitted back into the original format per client requirements (if Desktop Publishing service was ordered).

Final Approval

Your twice-reviewed translation is reviewed by our project manager and finalised with the assistance of Lexiqa, an automated linguistic quality assurance solution.

How is my document finalised?

The Project Manager reviews and notes down any potential contextual concerns that you may need to know. Once this review is complete, your translated document now holds the highest standard of quality and is considered complete.

Learn how Lexiqa conducts quality assurance.

Download Your Translation

Following the entire QA process including automated syntax reviews and two translators, we invite you to download your completed translation for review.

We welcome your feedback and approval of the result, and voila, your high-quality translation order is complete!

How do I benefit when ordering more translations from TAIA?

When you are fully satisfied with the translation result, we add the newly translated words and phrases to your Translation Memory database to increase the consistency of your future translation orders.

At the same time, you’ll find that your future orders will decrease in cost because we never charge to translate the same word twice. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

TAIA is ISO 17100:2015 Certified

We are very proud to have successfully attained the ISO 17100:2015 ISO standard on the Requirements for Translation Services.

ISO 17100 defines the roles of the translator, their technical resource, and the quality of service. It also sets out a recognised best-practice for translation firms to ensure communication between clients and translator for all tasks performed.

ISO Certification Requirements
Translator Competency

All TAIA translators demonstrate five specific competencies as outlined by the ISO standard: translation competence, linguistic and textual competence in source and target languages, competence in research and processing, cultural competence, technical competence, and domain competence.

Translator Qualifications

All TAIA translators have a certificate of competence and five years of full-time professional translation experience documented on file. Similarly, all translators and reviewers have sufficient knowledge in the field of the texts to be translated.

Minimum Standards

All translations are subject to revision by a revisioner.

Communication between Client and TAIA

We emphasise effective communication with you to make sure the translation meets quality standards. This means that we work with you to understand relevant requirements including the quality of the target text, its nature and make an agreement on the style of translation required in advance of performing the translation service.

Feedback Process

TAIA employs a client feedback process to better understand your satisfaction level with the work we’ve done because our goal is to always keep improving!

Data Protection

ISO 17100 states that data protection requirements must be met. TAIA protects your data with integrity. Read our privacy policy here.

TAIA's In-House Translators

Some of our best and brightest.

Janik Bacic

Janik Bacic

Our top English, German, and Slovene specialist

Svetlana Garic

Svetlana Garic

Your best bet in the translation of Balkan languages

Deja Hrovatin

Deja Hrovatin

Our benchmark professional in English, Italian, and Slovene

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