Pricing for Machine Translation

4 Different Machine Translation Pricing Packages

TAIA machine translation pricing

We offer four different machine translation pricing packages, as we are well aware that everybody has different translation needs. Check out the packages and see which would be the perfect fir for you!


10.000 words
5,99 Monthly


25.000 words
9,99 Monthly


50.000 words
19,99 Monthly
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Pay as you go

0,0004 Monthly

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MINI is perfect for ...

Mini is perfect for individuals and sole proprietors.

NICE is perfect for ...

Nice is perfect for small and medium sized enterprises.

AWESOME is perfect for ...

Awesome is perfect, when you’re in constant need of translations – perfect fit!

Pay as you go

Not sure how many word you’ll need to translate on a monthly basis? This option is then perfect for your needs.

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